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Japanese Icon Obtained by
世界樹の種 Yggdrasil seed Werewolf / Werejaguar / Amazoness / Goblin
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Jura's Free Quest [4] [7 AP]
Bordeaux's Free Quest [7] [7 AP]
Britannia's Free Quest [8] [10 AP]
Monster Hunt (Three Knights Edition) (Intermediate) [4] [20 AP]
Monster Hunt (Three Knights Edition) (Advanced) [3] [40 AP]
Mashuicon15 Lilyicon15 Siegicon55 Deon55 Fergusicon60 Brideicon15 Ramaicon53 Robinicon42 Atalantaicon84 Arash21 Arjunaicon90 Kogilicon42 Cuicon44 Mashibouicon33 Cuprotoicon44 Hectoricon12 Diarmuidicon42 Brynicon66 TamamoLancericon66 Jalter Lily Icon45 Medusalancericon55 Jaguarmanicon42 Marthaicon55 Iskandaricon90 Kintokiridericon45 Cucastericon42 Tamamocastericon90 Rhymeicon53 Irisvielicon45 Xuanzangicon63 Illyaprismaicon63 Kotarouicon60 ScathachAssassinicon45 Spartacusicon33 Sakataicon18 Asteriosicon35 Kiyohimeicon60 Beowulficon72

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