Japanese Name: ウェアジャガー
Class(es): SabericonLancericonAssassinicon Attribute:  ???
Rank : Silver Gender : ??
Traits:  ???
Area(s) : Okeanos
Drops :  ???

Werejaguars are demihuman cat people. A superior version of Werewolves, they are stronger than grunt human enemies and come in many class forms: Saber, Lancer, and Assassin.

Attacks Edit

Werejaguars have normal melee attacks, and may use the skill Clear Aim (狙い澄まし) to give themselves a Critical Damage Up buff.

A Werejaguar requires 4 ticks to charge its Noble Phantasm. Its Noble Phantasm, Skewer (串刺し), is a moderate-damage multi-hit melee attack with a chance to debuff NP Generation Down.

Drops Edit