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Japanese Icon Obtained by
虚影の塵 Voids refuse Shadow Servant (any)
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Fuyuki E's Free Quest [1] [5 AP]
Fuyuki F's Free Quest [2] [6 AP]
Fuyuki 0's Free Quest [1] [7 AP]
Jura's Free Quest [1] [7 AP]
Lyon's Free Quest [1] [7 AP]
Thiers's Free Quest [1] [7 AP]
Orlans's Free Quest [1] [8 AP]
Paris's Free Quest [1] [13 AP]
Appian Way's Free Quest [1] [9 AP]
Massilia's Free Quest [2] [9 AP]
Gaul's Free Quest [1] [9 AP]
Island of Shadows's Free Quest [1] [9 AP]
Union Capital's Free Quest [1] [10 AP]
Mashuicon15 Gillesicon73 Bedivereicon73 Altericon120 Attilaicon135 Lancelot Saber icon120 Musashi icon144 Okitaicon105 Ryougisabericon105 Mashibouicon156 Diarmuidicon112 Cuprotoicon70 Leonidasicon55 Romulusicon112 Fionnicon20 Shuwenicon120 Scathachicon110 Arash56 Billyicon96 Robinicon112 Kogilicon96 Euryale20 Atalantaicon120 Emiyaicon140 Teslaicon105 Orionicon144 Gilicon144 Boudicaicon112 Medusaicon73 Anneicon120 Shakespeareicon72 Hansicon72 Medeaicon73 Babbageicon112 Mephisicon70 Paracelsusicon96 Gilles2icon96 Medealilyicon84 Wavericon105 Phantomicon55 Sasakiicon40 Hassanicon15 Sansonicon55 Kotarouicon73 Hassan of Serenity icon54 Jingkeicon112 Jekyllicon73 Sthenoicon24 Emiyaassassinicon24 Jackicon110 Heroinexicon144 Kinghassanicon24 Asteriosicon48 Ericicon84 Lubuicon112 Lanceloticon24 Ibarakiicon120 Sakataicon144 Vladicon168 Angraicon40 Gorgonicon8

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