Effect Edit

Normal Effect
Increases performance of unit's Buster cards by 10%
Increases unit's critical attack damage by 20%
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases performance of unit's Buster cards by 15%
Increases unit's critical attack damage by 25%

Lore Edit


霊子虚構世界で行われた聖杯戦争。 その勝利者こそ、名前のない”あなた”である。


---The weakest things will eventually be challenged by the strongest things.

The Holy Grail war takes place in the society of the imaginary spiritron. The victor certainly has no name, and exists only as "you".

Don't ask about the Yakisoba Bread.

Cards with Similar Effects Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The card art features the protagonist (Male) from Fate/Extra referencing the first game's route ending.