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Vengeful Spirit Septet are enemies from the Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event. Occasionally, Rapunzels appear in their place. There are two types: ones with darker hair in a ponytail, and ones with lighter, short hair.
Also appeared in Prisma Causeway Event as Banshees.


The ghost's normal attack flies around the victim, hitting 3 times. It shoots a blue fireball for its critical hits. The ponytail spirits cast Sleepwalking (夢遊), which lowers Debuff Resistance (3 turns), while the short haired spirits cast Dreamfall (夢落), which lowers Defense (3 turns).



  • These enemies, taken from Overlooking View, are based on shichinin misaki, a group of seven vengeful ghosts who prey on the living. When they cause a person to die, one of the ghosts passes on while the dead person becomes a ghost and joins the group, thus always maintaining a group of seven.