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Update Notes for Big Patches of Fate/Grand Order. Announcements are released every month, under the "Updates" Tab.
Producer Letters will also be featured in this blog post.

Latest Update Notes

Note : This applies for Version 1.19.0

  • New Features
    • As an Add-On to the Drop Preview button for Free Quests, now you can also view the list of enemies in that particular Free Quests.
    • Adding the Ability to lock/unlock Multiple Servants or CEs for other lists of Servant or CEs. (The previous one only limits to Servant and CE Storage under the Management Screen, aka the First Button of the Menu)
      • MY ROOM Servant Management Screen
      • CE Synthesis
      • Servant Synthesis
      • Support Layout Management
      • Party Management
      • Servant/CE Burning Screen
      • Second Archive
    • Name Change for a section in the Material Tab under MY ROOM.
      • 幕間の物語の記録 (Interlude Stories Log) -> サーヴァントとの記録 (Servants Log)
    • Game UI's Graphic Update
Update Notes History

2017 Edit

Note : This applies for Version 1.19.0

  • New Features
    • As an Add-On to the Drop Preview button for Free Quests, now you can also view the list of enemies in that particular Free Quests.
    • Adding the Ability to lock/unlock Multiple Servants or CEs for other lists of Servant or CEs. (The previous one only limits to Servant and CE Storage under the Management Screen, aka the First Button of the Menu)
      • MY ROOM Servant Management Screen
      • CE Synthesis
      • Servant Synthesis
      • Support Layout Management
      • Party Management
      • Servant/CE Burning Screen
      • Second Archive
    • Name Change for a section in the Material Tab under MY ROOM.
      • 幕間の物語の記録 (Interlude Stories Log) -> サーヴァントとの記録 (Servants Log)
    • Game UI's Graphic Update

Note : This applies for Version 1.18.0

  • New Features
    • The Ability to keep multiple Support Servant Layouts. (Just like how there are maximum of 10 party layouts allowed.)
    • Use In-Game Items to expand the Storage Space of Servants Storage and Craft Essences Storage.
    • Ability to lock multiple Servants or Craft Essences. (Before 1.18.0, you had to lock each card one by one, and for slower phones, its a tedious process.)
    • An option to look at Notable Drops for FREE QUESTS only. (It only shows the items that has been dropped in the past, not all of the possible drops, until you have discover all of them by repeating the same free quest.)
      (The number at the bottom of each item shows the current quantity of that item that you have in your inventory.)
Drop Preview

2016 Edit

Note : This applies for Version 1.17.0

  • New Features
    • The ability to change the Saint Graph Appearance of Support Servants in the Game Options Screen (It may just be the icon of the servant, or the saint graph art in party management screen [right before entering a quest], or the Sprite of a Servant, or the Command Card Icon of a servant.)
  • Game Updates
    • Removing the old option to change the Mystic Code right before starting a quest; and refined it to being part of the Party Management Screen. (Which means Mystic Codes attaches to the party and different party can have different Mystic Code equipped, so that you do not have to change Mystic Codes to suit your party needs)
    • Rearrangement of the buttons Servant and CE Enhancement Screen (2nd Button from the left in the Bottom Menu)
      • The Order will be changed to :
      • Servant Enhancement (Fusing)
      • Servant Skill Enhancement
      • Craft Essence Fusing and Evolution
      • Servant Ascension
      • Servant NP Enhancement
      • Palingenesis
    • Skill Icon Change for Ishtar's Third Skill - Mana Burst (Gems)
    • Removal of an unused tab in Da Vinci's Workshop - The Saint Quartz Exchange Shop Tab.
    • UI and Animation Updates

Note : This applies for Version 1.16.0

  • New Features
    • New Functions in the Servant and Craft Essence Storage. (Saint Graph Storage Room)
    • Increase the maximum number of cards that can be used as fodder during Servant or Craft Essence Strengthening. (EXP)
      From 5 to 20
    • Ability to update the friend list during the Support Servant selection screen. (After selecting a quest)
    • A new option for Party Management Screen - Button For "Clearing All CEs" in a Party, which was only in Support Management Screen before this
    • Display of Random Servant Profile at the App's Start-Up Screen
    • Default Volume is changed to 7 (in Options Menu)
    • Minimum rarity for the "EXP" warning screen will now be switched from 3★ to 4★. (For Servant Fusing Screen and Craft Essence Fusing Screen)
    • Removal of [EXP Value] and [Fou-stats Value] filter (For ascending and descending order) from the game. This effects the following sections of the game :
      • Material Screen aka Servant Compendium/Library
      • MY ROOM Servant Settings Screen
      • Servant Fusing Section (Both "Base Card" and "Fodder" selection screens)
      • Skill Upgrade Section
      • NP Upgrade Section
  • Game Updates
    • Switching all Katakana versions of Command Card Texts to English, for all Servant and Craft Essence Skill Effects and also for the future Official Page texts.
      • クイック ー> Quick
      • アーツ ー> Arts
      • バスター ー> Buster
  • UI Updates
    • Chaldea Gate Quests will be categorized into a few different groups. For Example : Daily Quest, Interlude and Strengthening Quest
    • In The Battle Rewards Window (The 3rd Pop-Up Window after finishing a quest a.k.a. After-Battle Loots), Event Bonuses will be displayed next to the original yield number, to show how many extra yield you got from Event CE or Event Servant bonuses.
    • A new option to filter normal servants and event servants (Servant that give Event bonuses), same goes to Craft Essences. This function is only available during Events.
    • Maximum Limit of the number of selections in the Present Box for each time will be increased from 20 to 99.
    • MISC. UI Updates and Help Text Updates
  • Order VII - Babylonia will be released in December.


  • Version 1.15.0
    • Rare Prism Exchange in Da Vinci's Workshop
    • Changes to the AP Recovery during Level Ups. (Improving the System of AP-Overflow - Upgrading the calculation system where previous it adds the previous Level's MAX AP as the AP refill to the new Level's MAX AP as the AP refill)
    • UI and Help Text Updates.


  • Version 1.14.0
    • Tap to skip EXP animation for leveling up Servants and Craft Essences.
    • Added a button to move to "Friend Point obtained" window from Support Management screen.
    • Adjustments to Master Skills icons when it's usable.
    • Changes made to the transition to the Party Confirmation screen and the Support Selection Screen after you select a Support Servant.
    • Filter function Updates.
    • UI and Help Text Updates.


Note : This applies for Late July

  • Game Update
    • Release of Order 6 - Camelot.
    • Master Level Cap Increment.
  • UI Improvements
    • Ability to switch the Displayed Art of a Servant through the Servant Icon, depending on the stage of ascension of a Servant.
    • Ability to switch Servant Icons.
    • Information of the Lock-state of Servants and Craft Essences will be stored in the Server. This means that whenever you switch device, you will not need to re-lock all your Servants and Craft Essences.
    • Display of the number of turns passed during a Battle.
    • Display of Servant Skill Levels in Party Management and Support List Management.


Note : This applies for Early-Mid July

  • UI Improvements
    • Ability to set a name for a party.
    • Display the most popular class in the same pop-up that displays Friend Point earned every time when a player is logged in.
    • A new function that enables a player to see the Support Servant Layout of another player, from his or her friend list, in the Support Servant Selection Screen before starting a quest.
    • Ability to collect items in groups in the Present Box after highlighting them.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Enemy will now select new targets to attack after the Servant with Taunt status is defeated.
  • New Content
    • Order VI - Camelot to be released at Late-July.


Note : This applies for Late May-Early June

  • UI Improvements
    • Display support servant's skill levels in the choosing support servant screen (before starting a quest).
    • Display of a servant's summoned date as well as a Craft Essence's obtained date.
    • Addition of a filter for the ALL-class slot in the Support Management Interface.
    • Display a Servant's ATK stats in the Servant's Details during a battle/in the middle of a battle.
    • Display of Stun and Skill Sealing counter/turns left in the battle UI.


Note : This applies for Late April-Early May

  • New Features
    • Capacity/Limit of Bond Level for Servants will be increased.
      • ※Special Craft Essence will be awarded when a servant's Bond Level is Maxed (The new level, not the old 5/5) (Each servant will have their own respective unique craft essences.
      • ※For this update, only 10 servants will be chosen. Which means only those 10 chosen servants will have their Bond Level Cap increased and have their own respective CEs.
    • Present History/Log TAB will be in the present box screen.
    • Ability to change the image on the Command Card of a Servant, based on your available BATTLE SPRITES.
  • UI Improvements
    • At Terminal (Game Home Screen) or Area/Order Map, the Master Icon will be connected to the Master Equipment Screen (the screen where you choose your Mystic Code/clothes). [P.S : Connected means by clicking the Master Icon, you will be brought to the Master Equipment Screen.]
    • In the Party Management screen, you can now scroll directly to the last party. From Party I to Party X. It will not lag in-between 2 Parties (before this update, scrolling through party takes a long time, cause it pauses each time u flip the page.) Enabling the ability to scroll backwards from Party I to Party X.


Note : This applies for Late March-Early April

  • New Features
    • Support Servant rotation Editing screen, under the Party Management Tab in the MENU.
    • You can choose one Servant from each class as support servant and equip CE for each servant.
    • Ruler may share the same slot as Shielder. (speculated)
Support Servant Rotation
  • UI Improvements
    • Show Craft Essence's Passive Skill effect inside a Battle, under a certain button.
    • Button that allows you to choose your Mystic Codes like how you change your servants before starting a quest.
  • New Content
    • Order 5 - E Pluribus Unum will be released during Late March or Early April.


Note : For Late February

  • New Features
    • Ability to select the Servant's Art (Saint Graph) for My Room's display.
    • Ability to view Servant's Ascension Cutscenes in My Room.
    • Ability to change the Speed of NOBLE PHANTASM "ONLY" in Battle. (2 buttons - one for overall, one for NP)
  • UI Improvements
    • Display's Skill's Cooldown in details section for every skills (Master's Skills and Servants' Skills)


Note : For Mid-February

  • New Features
    • Update on Servant's Voice Playback feature.
    • Add Total Consecutive Login Days Count and Total Login Days Count Pop-up Box.
    • In loading screen, Tips for the game will appear (in JP).
  • Game System Improvements
    • Able to change target even after clicking the "attack" button, terms and conditions applied. (In battle)
      • Conditions : Haven't selected any Command Card after clicking the "ATTACK" button.
    • Servant and Craft Essence Inventory slot expansion.
    • Mailbox (Present Box Icon) slot expansion.
  • UI Improvements
    • MAX Limit Break-ed Craft Essence will now be shown in the Party page of the game. (If equipped on a Servant).
      • Note : Some kind of icon will show up at the CE box of the Party page.
  • Announcement for Fate/ Grand Order's first collaboration event
    • Starts at late-February. Collaboration details are still confidential.

2015 Edit


Note : For Late December ~ Early January


  • Master Updates
    • Increase level cap of Master Level, from 100 to 120
    • Addition of new Command Spells
    • Addition of new Mystic Codes
  • Party Management Updates
    • Ability to equip the same craft essence to different servants in the same party, as long as you have another copy of the same craft essence.
    • Display of the Final Art of Max Ascended Servants in the Party Management screen
    • Increased limit of the number of parties in the Party Management Screen.
  • UI Changes
    • Display the stats limit and current stats for every servant, under their HP and ATK. (This is for the Fou-stats limit)
    • Displaying a symbol for the MAX Limit Break Craft Essence equipped by other Masters in your Support Servant List.
  • Addition of a new chapter - Order IV - London
  • Server Upgrades
    • A maintenance for upgrading the game servers on the 13th of December.


Note : Applicable for November 2015.

  • Addition of a new chapter - Order III - Okeanos


  • Critical Star Gain update
    • Quick Card, 1st Quick Card Bonus and Overkill will yield critical stars.
  • Zero Damage Changes
    • For Servants with Evasion or Invincible Status, Zero Damage display will be changed to Evasion or Invincible wording respectively.
  • Skill Casting Speed
    • Like the increase-speed for battle phase, the animation for using skills will also be sped-up along with the normal attack animations
  • More Info on Okeanos will be revealed when the update is finalized.
  • Changes in the Daily Quests with an auto-reset feature for First-Time-Clear-Reward of any Daily Quest.



  • Changes in the AP-recovery system
    • Instead of using Saintquartz, another alternative to restore AP to MAX is to use Golden fruit.
  • Time-Limited Event Scene Data
    • The ability to view previous events' dialogues and scenes in My Room.
  • Battle Sprites Update
  • Quest Info UI Update
    • Info on enemy-classes before choosing a support servant.
  • Others
    • Changes in the sorting system for Support Servants List
    • Changes to the Status UI in the Battle.


  • On the 4th of September, in commemoration of the 3M Downloads Campaign, there will be a present to all players which contains one 4★ Servant from 10 different choices.
    • Giveaway only last until 30th of September.
  • Battle-Part Improvement
    • Adding x2 Battle Speed feature
    • Improving some battle animations and increase the tempo.
    • Command Card Choosing Phase (Attack Phase) improvements
    • Displaying "Weak" or "Resist" for each command card.
    • Improvement of Battle Mechanics
    • Battle Wave Number Improvement
  • Servant Strengthening Update
    • Ability to use Fou-stats-card even when the servant is at maximum level for that ascension.
  • Other Improvements
    • Display of uncompleted quests on the Order Buttons and Quest Nodes and UI updates
    • Help-text updates
    • Present box-performance update


  • Party Management UI Updates
  • Quest Info UI Update
  • Battle Sprite Update
  • Other Updates
    • Mystic Codes Update (Implemented during London Update)
    • Usage of Holy Grail (Implemented during 1st Anniversary Event)
    • Da Vinci's Workshop New Items Update. (Implemented)

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