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This Craft Essence can be obtained by bringing Vlad III's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.


Normal Effect
When equipped on Vlad III,
NP damage 30% up and
30% Chance to gain 5% NP gauge when attacking.

Lore Edit

—I fear no human.

But, Dracula (the devil) is different.

Not out of hatred, nor even enjoyment,
But as a necessary sacrifice to bring terror to the enemy.
The impaling duke overran them.[1]




Trivia Edit

  • In the Battle between Ottoman Empire and Wallachia, Vlad III Teppes exhibits the impaled corpses of the troops from Ottoman Empire in Wallachia, causing Mehmed II a.k.a. Mehmed the Conqueror to withdraw his remaining troops from Wallachia.

References Edit

  1. Deirdre on Tumblr

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