This Craft Essence can be obtained by bringing Merlin's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.


When equipped on Merlin, Increases Party's Buster Card Performance by 10% & Critical Damage by 15% while he's on the field.



昼は春の陽差しと夏の匂いに満たされ、 夜は秋の空気と冬の星空に覆われる。 地には花々と虫たち。森には水と緑と獣たち。 そして水場には見目麗しい妖精たち。 神話において常春の国とも、 林檎の島とも呼ばれた小世界。 知恵持つ獣(けもの)には叶えようのない、 辿り着きようのない理想郷(ユートピア)。

その名をアヴァロン。星の内海――― 地球という惑星が持つ魂、その置き場所の別名。 その場所で、男は自ら道を閉ざした。 幽閉塔に身を置き、 星の終わりまで死ねない未来を選択した。 もう見るべきものは見た。 ―――いや。 十分すぎるほど、美しいものは見たからだ。

「さあ、お行きキャスパリーグ。ボクはここでいい。 おまえは自由に、 本当に美しいものに触れてきなさい」

男は何の感慨もなく、最後の同居人を窓から離した。 魔術師は飽きる事なく、唯一の窓から世界を見渡した。


The last paradise, filled with flowers of all colors.

Day brings with it the sunlight of spring and the smell of summer, while night brings the air of fall and the stars of winter. Flowers and insects on the ground, water and greenery and animals in the forest, and beautiful faeries in the water. A small world, also known as the mythical land of endless spring, or the island of apples. A utopia shut off from all beasts with knowledge.

Avalon. Another name for the soul of the planet Earth itself, the inner sea of the star.

It is here that that man closed off his own path, shutting himself into the tower, choosing a future where he could not die until the end of the star. Because he had seen what he had to seen. ───No, because he had seen more than enough beautiful things.

「Now go, Cath Palug. I'm staying here.  But you should go free,  to touch truly beautiful things.」

The man let his last companion out through a window, without showing any emotion. And so the mage continued to gaze at the world from that one window.

This is the entirety of a fairy tale of the end of the world.