This article is for the Craft Essence. For the Enemy Only Servant, see The Black Grail (Servant).


Normal Effect
Increases NP damage by 60%.
Loses 500 HP every turn. [Demerit]
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases NP damage by 80%.
Loses 500 HP every turn. [Demerit]




An illusion seen by a man haunted by justice.

The corrupted Grail speaks.
It says a price is required for what he seeks.
Just like the maiden of fate, singing of love.

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  • This Craft Essence features The Black Grail (Servant).
  • Prior to bug fix before 14 October 2015 patch Official Bug Fix Maintenance, this Craft Essence's in-game description said it increases NP damage by 60%-80%, but it's increased by 50%-60% instead.
  • HP cannot fall bellow 1 with this CE.