(VA: Chiwa Saito)
Occasion Japanese English Audio
Summoned ぱんぱかぱーん!浜辺と聞いて即参上、誰が呼んだかハネムーン!サーヴァント・ランサー、玉藻の前、攻め気満々で参りました♡一夏の冒険、しちゃいます? Panpakapan~! I appear as soon as I hear the beach calling, who called for it, this honeymoon! Servant Lancer, Tamamo no Mae, has come pumped up and ready for action♡! This adventure of the summer, are you up for it? [[file:|130px]]
Level Up ありがとうございます。肌も毛並みも、ピカピカですよ? Thank you very much. Aren't both my skin and my fur becoming shiny? [[file:|130px]]
1st Ascension 水遊びに夢中になりすぎましたね? ……もう、乱暴なんですから I got too entranced by playing in the water, it seems. Geez~ It's because I play rough~ [[file:|130px]]
2nd Ascension ミコーン、と霊基アーップ! 衣替えは、次にご期待ください The Saint Graph levels up with a mikon! For a change of clothing, please look forward to it next time! [[file:|130px]]
3rd Ascension これが玉藻の、勝負水着です! キュートさより、エレガントさを推してみましたが、いかがです? 惚れ直して下さいました? This is Tamamo's... Showdown swimsuit! Rather than cuteness, I tried to emphasize elegance. What do you think? Did you fall in love all over again? [[file:|130px]]
4th Ascension 浜辺にドリンクとかけまして、ハニトラと解く……その心はこの通り、スゥイーツよりも甘ーいタマモちゃん♪ なのです♪ はぁいどーぞマスター、あーん。スペシャルなパフェの後はもっと甘ーいひと時、イっちゃいます? And so the drinks have been prepared on the beach, and the honey trap loosened... This care is, of course, from the sweeter than sweets, Tamamo-chan! So♪! Yes, please, Master, aaahn... After this special parfait we'll have more sweeeeet moments... What do you say? [[file:|130px]]
Battle Start 1 夏の魔物が、目を覚ましたのです! The Beast of Summer has awakened! [[file:|130px]]
Battle Start 2 いやーん、玉藻ぉ、肌焼けちゃいますぅ~ Nooo~! Tamamo's skin will get burnt~! [[file:|130px]]
Skill 1 まさにぃ、サマー・バケーション! Exactly! Summer Vacation! [[file:|130px]]
Skill 2 オイル、塗ってくださいます? Could you put this oil on me? [[file:|130px]]
Attack Selected 1 あいあいさー! Aye-aye, Sir☆ [[file:|130px]]
Attack Selected 2 胸元、見えちゃってます? My cleavage... Did you see it? [[file:|130px]]
Attack Selected 3 優雅に決めますとも It's been decided, gracefully! [[file:|130px]]
Noble Phantasm Selected 1 それでは皆様、御手を拝借 Then, everyone, please clap for me. [[file:|130px]]
Noble Phantasm Selected 2 ジャッジメントの時間・DA・ZE!
Attack 1 コンコンっと Kon-kon! [[file:|130px]]
Attack 2 参りま~す Here I come~! [[file:|130px]]
Attack 3 アバンチュール! Adventure!! [[file:|130px]]
Extra Attack お一人様頂きですわ Here's a serving for one customer! [[file:|130px]]
Noble Phantasm 言い逃れは聞きませんわ。――浮気移り気デートに遅刻、狐は丸っとお見通し。いざ受けやがれ、日除傘寵愛一神! ――見ていて下さいました、マスター? It's too late to talk your way out of this! To be late to this frivolous, cheating date, this fox can see through it all. Now, receive this "Sunshading Parasol Blessed by the Gods!" ...Please, have a look, Master! [[file:|130px]]
Damage from Noble Phantasm サンシャイーン! Sunshine! [[file:|130px]]
Regular Damage わお! Wow! [[file:|130px]]
Defeated 1 この魅力が、わからない、とか……! Did you not understand... This charm...!? [[file:|130px]]
Defeated 2 もーっ、玉藻ちゃんペントハウス戻りますぅ~! Geez~ Tamamo-chan is returning to the penthouse! [[file:|130px]]
Battle Finish 1 悩殺、しちゃいました? Were you unable to take your mind off me? [[file:|130px]]
Battle Finish 2 ではでは、泳ぎに参りましょう、マスター Now then, shall we go for a swim, Master~? [[file:|130px]]
My Room
Bond Lvl 1 青い空、白い雲! そして、魅力抜群のワ・タ・ク・シ? どうです、この浮き輪とパラソル! この日の為に用意しておいたのです! ……はっ、別に、はしゃいでません、はしゃいでませんとも。今回の私は、余裕ある大人の女として過ごすのですから Blue skies! White clouds! And the outstandingly charming ME! How is it, this float and parasol! It has been prepared just for this day! ...Huh! It's not like I'm being overly bubbly. I'm definitely not being bubbly at all. That's because this time I'll be spending my time as a composed, mature woman. [[file:|130px]]
Bond Lvl 2 日除け傘の下、物憂げに水平線を眺める美女。……ああ、なんてアンニュイ。これが夢にまで見た、サンシャイン・サマー・ビーチ……もう、思い残すことはない……いえ、いっぱいあるな。私 Beneath the shade of the umbrella, a beauty gazing wistfully at the far horizon... Aah, what ennui! This is the sunset summer beach seen in dreams. Now, there are no more regrets... ...No, I've still got a lot. [[file:|130px]]
Bond Lvl 3 よっし、マヌカンっぽくするのも飽きました! この辺りでビーストモード解禁! 玉藻ちゃん、フルスロットル! 欲望に任せて突っ走るぜ! マスター遊びに行きましょう! ヒートでアイランドな思い出が欲しいのですぅ~! Alright~! I've had enough of posing around like a mannequin! Hereabouts the Beast Mode will be releeeased! Tamamo-chan full throttle! Give in to desire and let rip! Master, let's go play! I want some memories on this Heat Island~! [[file:|130px]]
Bond Lvl 4 たーのしーい! 夏の浜辺はキラキラしていて最っ高に楽しいですねマスター! スキューバダイビングの後はぁ~、バンジーしてぇ、バーベキューしてぇ、最後に、パラグラっときます? It's fun~! Sparkling on the summer beach is the most fun ever, Master! After the scuba diving, let's go bungee jumping~! And barbecuing~! And lastly, let's go paragliding! [[file:|130px]]
Bond Lvl 5 はあ、夏も終わってしまいます。あれもこれもと欲張りばかりですが、足りないぐらいが丁度いいのでしょう。私の我儘に付き合ってくれて、ありがとうございます、マスター。この思い出はずっと、永遠に玉藻ちゃんアルバムに記録しておきますね。忘れたりしたら後が怖い、ゾ? Ah... Summer will be over... Though there's still this and that I really want... It might be good to leave it at that. Thank you for playing along with my selfishness, Master. ...These memories will always... Forever... Will be recorded in the Tamamo-chan Album. If you forget... It's going to be scary...! [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 1 そろそろお出かけですか? ではでは、私もサンダルを履いてーっと♪ Are we going out soon? Then, let me~! Put on my sandals~! ...There! [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 2 えー、バケーション中ですので、通常の主従関係はお休みです。たーんと甘えさせてくださいね、マスター? Eh, because it's during a vacation, we're taking a break from the usual master-servant relationship. Treat me sweetly, okay, Master? [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 3 マスターといえど、今日だけは対等に。一人の女性として、エスコートしてくださいますか?」 Though you're my Master, today, we're equals... Could you escort this lone lady? [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 4
(Anne Bonny & Mary Read (Archer))
なんという……ビッグバンボディ! ただの海賊と侮っていましたが、アンさんったら、物凄いものをお持ちで…… What a... Big Bang Body! I thought they were mere pirates, but Anne-san has some really tremendous things...! [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 5
(Kiyohime (Lancer))
清姫さんが、薙刀を持った! 元々中華風の方でしたが、もう完っ全に中華三昧、出前一丁な趣きですねぇ……はっ! 薙刀って……私のパラソルと被ってません!? Kiyohime-san has a naginata in hand...! Though she was originally someone with a Chinese flavour, this now totally has the taste of a luxury Chinese cuisine takeout... Huh! A naginata, doesn't it overlap with my parasol!? [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 6
(Saint Martha (Ruler))
素手で戦う、長い黒髪の聖職者……うぅ、頭が……まぁでも、実にマルタさんらしいかと。タラスクさんは頑張って生きてくださいね A fist-fighting cleric with long black hair... Ugh, my head... Well, that's definitely like Martha-san. Tarrasque-san, try your best to survive, okay? [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 7
(Marie Antoinette (Caster))
私も、太陽の分霊ですしぃ?キラキラ輝くことに定評はありますけれどぉ~? マリーさんの宝具は、もうそういう次元の話じゃなくなってません? I'm also an aspect of the Sun, right? I should generally be considered to be as sparkly and glittering. ...But Marie-san's Noble Phantasm, isn't that something else entirely? [[file:|130px]]
Something you Like 好きなものは勿論、夏のロマンスです! めいっぱい、思い出を作りましょうね、マスター? What I like is, of course, summer romance! Let's make a lot of memories, Master~ [[file:|130px]]
Something you Hate 嫌いなもの? カニはともかく、ロブスターとか食べたくねえ。あと、お土産屋のぼったくりには気を付けて下さいましね? What I dislike? Crabs aside, I don't eat things like lobsters. Also, be careful of getting ripped off by the souvenir shop. [[file:|130px]]
About the Holy Grail 海に来てまで聖杯とか! ……まあ、こんな素敵なもしもを提供してくれるのなら、一つぐらい拝借しておきたいですねえ Still going on about the Holy Grail even when we're at the beach!? ...Well, if it's provided us with such a wonderful "If", then I'd like to borrow one or so. [[file:|130px]]
During an Event むむ、アドベンチャーの気配! 急ぎましょうマスター! 人気アトラクションは早めに並んでおかないと Mumu, the signs of adventure! Let's hurry, Master, we need to line up for popular attractions early. [[file:|130px]]
Birthday 誕生日おめでとうございます、マスター♡ せっかくの夏気分なんですから、無人島で一日の~んびり過ごします? Happy Birthday, Master♡! Since we're in a summer mood, why don't we have a carefree day on this uninhabited island? [[file:|130px]]
FGO 2016 Summer Event
Dialogue 1 みこーん! いいんですか、こんな厚遇!? - -
Dialogue 2 ありがとうございます! お返しに、モフります?」 - -
Dialogue 3 キタキタキター! 絶対に後悔はさせませんよ、マスター! - -
Dialogue 4 ハイソにも程があるっ! - -
Dialogue 5 ……夏の支配権、ゲットだぜ - -
Dialogue 6 ザ・そそり立て! 私達のよ・く・ぼう! - -