(VA: Sakamoto Maaya)
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Occasion Japanese English Audio
Summoned セイバーのサーヴァント、両儀式。召喚に応じ参上いたしました。……ふふ、これでいいのかしら? 異色にも程があるでしょうけど、よろしくねマスター? Servant class Saber, Ryougi Shiki, has answered to your summon.... Ufufu, I wonder if this way of this unique color makes me look good... However, please take care of me, Master!
Level Up 有難う。でも…まだ行けるわよね? Thank you. But you can keep going, right?
1st Ascension こういうのはどう? マスターのお気に召すのならいいのだけれど How's this? I hope it is to your taste, Master.
2nd Ascension 刀を替えるのはいい事だわ。綺麗な子は、何口あってもいいのだし It's good to change swords. Beautiful swords are worth keeping.
3rd Ascension 少し、趣味に走りすぎたかしら?でも、こんなサーヴァントが一人くらい居てもいいわよね Perhaps this is taking it a bit too far? But... It can't hurt to have at least one Servant like me, right?
4th Ascension 眩むような朝焼けね、マスター。あなたにとって私は一時の夢で、この私もいてはいけない幻だけど、確かに残るものはあったのね。ありがとう、名も知らぬ優しい人。いつか私は消え去っても、この刀はずっとこの場所にあり続けるわ What a dazzling sunrise, Master. Although I am but a fleeting dream to you, a phantom who should not exist... However, I do have something to leave behind. Thank you, kind person. I know not of your name, but even if I am gone, my sword will remain here forever.
Battle Start 1 始めましょう。良い余生を Let's begin. The start of your joyous end.
RyougiSaberBattle Start1
Battle Start 2 斬り捨て、御免なさい I apologize in advance for cutting you down.
RyougiSaberBattle Start2
Skill 1 物騒な話ね That sounds dangerous.
Skill 2 上手くいくといいのだけれど I hope everything will work out.
Attack Selected 1 ええ Yes.
RyougiSaberAttack Select1
Attack Selected 2 斬り込むのね I will cut through, okay?
RyougiSaberAttack Select2
Attack Selected 3 任せて Leave it to me.
RyougiSaberAttack Select3
Noble Phantasm Selected 1 空が明けるわ Dawn is approaching.
RyougiSaberNP Select1
Noble Phantasm Selected 2 夢の終わりね The dream will end here.
RyougiSaberNP Select2
Attack 1 ふっ! Hmh!
Attack 2 どう? Well?
Attack 3 落とすわ Fall.
Extra Attack おしまいね This is the end.
RyougiSaberExtra Attack
Noble Phantasm 1 すべては夢と……これが、名残の花よ It was all a dream... Naught but a withered flower.
Noble Phantasm 2 直死……両儀の狭間に消えなさい Death Perception... Vanish in the nothingness between Yin and Yang.
Damage from Noble Phantasm なんて事…! How can this be?
RyougiSaberNP Damaged
Regular Damage うっ Ugh.
Defeated 1 無粋な人……もう少しぐらい、遊びたかったのに What a rude person... I wanted to play, just a little bit longer.
Defeated 2 ごめんなさいマスター、また宜しくね… My apologies, Master. I hope we meet again.
Battle Finish 1 夜が明けるわ……別れの時ね Night draws to an end, as do we.
RyougiSaberBattle Finish1
Battle Finish 2 期待には応えられたかしら Did I meet your expectations?
RyougiSaberBattle Finish2
My Room
Bond Lvl 1 マスター。私はお役に立てているかしら?自分ではよく分からないの。だから、あなたがきちんと私に話してね Master, am I being useful to you? I can't really tell myself, so please, do let me know, ok?
Bond Lvl 2 令呪をもっと使ってくれていいのに。命令されるのって楽しいわ。これがマスターなら誰でもいいのか、あなただから特別なのか、まだ分からないことだけど Feel free to use more Command Spells on me. It's actually fun to be commanded. However, I am not sure if it's because the commands are coming from you, or if it's fine as long as it's from any Master.
Bond Lvl 3 実は私、眠らないの。だから夜はいつも一人ぼっち。損をしているみたいで悔しいわ。でも、あなたの寝顔を見ていられるのは役得ね。あなたの夢の中にも現れて、あなたを守れたらよかったのに To be honest, I don't sleep. That's why I spend the nights all alone by myself. I can't help but feel like I'm missing out, but I suppose it does give me the chance to watch you sleep. I only wish I could protect you in your dreams, too.
Bond Lvl 4 執着はしない主義だったのだけれど、今回だけは自分を曲げてみようかしら。ふふ、人形が人間に憧れるようなものね。不自由な形になりたいなんて……私、どうかしてしまったみたい。これもあなたのせいよ?マスター I was never one to grow attached, but this time it's different... Hehe, I'm like a doll dreaming of being human. Why would I want to be restricted like this? Something must be wrong with me. You know, this is all your fault, Master.
Bond Lvl 5 この感情を、好き……と言うのかしら。人理も節理も私には関係の無い話だけれど、あなたのためなら、どんな間違いも犯してしまいそう。これは言ってはいけない事だけど、言ってしまおうかしら…… さぁ、あなたの望みは何? マスター。ふふ……なんて、冗談よ Is this feeling  Neither humanity nor the divine have any real importance to me, but if it's for you, I feel like I would do anything. I shall say it even if it is a prohibited thing... "Now... What is your wish, Master?" Fufu... just kidding.
Dialogue 1 この部屋は落ち着くわね。あなたが望むのなら、いつまでも、このままで This room is very calming. If you wish, I can stay here like this all the time.
Dialogue 2 あなたは戦いを俯瞰する。私は戦いを直視する。ふふ、いつもとは逆の立場ね。当事者になるのって、新鮮だわ You overlook the battlefield, while I stand in the midst of it... Fufu, this is the opposite of what I am used to. It's kind of refreshing, actually.
Dialogue 3 私はサーヴァントですもの。何があっても、どんな命令でも、マスターには従うわ。だって、とても楽しそうですもの I am a Servant. I will obey a Master's command no matter what it is. It seems kind of fun, really.
Dialogue 4
(Ryougi Shiki Assassinicon)
式がいるのね。もう…、あの愛想のなさは一生ものね。あの子には私が見えないだろうから、話を合わせておいてね Oh, I see that Shiki is here. ...My oh my, I guess she will never be a social person. I doubt she can see me, so make sure you don't slip up, okay?
Dialogue 5
(Asagami Fujino)
Something you Like 好きなもの?もちろん、私を呼んでくれたあなたよ、マスター。たとえそれが、一時の夢だとしても… What do i like? Of course it's you, the Master who summoned me. Even if our encounter is nothing but a fleeting dream.
Something you Hate 嫌いなもの…。何かしら…、考えたこともなかった。あ、でも苦手なものならあるわ。アイスクリーム。冷たくて…、甘くて…。ちょっと悲しいわね、あれ Things I hate...  I wonder what they are. I haven't thought of it. Oh, but I have something I dislike.  Ice-cream.  It is cold, yet sweet... Isn't that a little bit sad?
About the Holy Grail 聖杯?あぁ、あなたたちのあり方のことね。全ての生殖活動は人の願いを叶えるため。だから、叶えられない願いが出てきてしまった時が、あなたたちの終わりなのよ The Holy Grail? Oh, you're talking about your very own existence, yes? Human procreate to realize their wishes... That means, if there was a wish that couldn't be granted, it would mean the end of your kind's existence.
During an Event 新しい戦い…。いいわ、行きましょう。楽しい催し物ならいいのだけれど Off to battle? Very well, let's go. I do hope it's going to be a fun one.
Birthday 誕生日…誕生日なんて驚きだわ!おめでとうマスター!それで…ええ…私は、どうすればいいのかしら?一番大切な日なのだもの。こういう時って、その…お、お祝いのキスとかするんでしょう?

Birthday... how surprising it is your birthday! Happy birthday master~! So... Um... What should I do? Because it is the most important day... In this time,  well... Th-They give a celebration kiss, dont they?