(VA: Hayami Saori)
Occasion Japanese English Audio
Summoned 「ーーーマルタ。改めて参りました。どのような姿であろうと、私は私です。ーーー迷いなく、あなたと共に世界を救います」

---Martha. I have come once more. No matter the form I take, I am still me. ---without any doubt, I shall save the world together with you.

Martha has arrived once more. No matter my appearance, I am still me! Without fail, I shall save the world with you.

Level Up 「ノッてきたノッてきた……! ……いいえ、何でも、ありません」

This is good, this is good!, it is nothing...

I'm on a roll! Oh, nothing. It's nothing.

1st Ascension 「ちょっと羽織らせていただきました。寒いわけではないのだけど……。えっ、背中? あぁ! タラスク刺繍いいわよね〜。気に入った?」

I put on something to wear on top, just for a bit. It's not that I'm particularly cold... eh, the back? Aah! That Tarrasque embroidery is great~ Do you like it?

I thought I would wear something on top. It's not because I'm cold...huh? My back? Ah, isn't the Tarasque embroidery nice? Do you like it?

2nd Ascension 「祝福を……あなたと、世界に!」

May blessings be upon you, and the world!

May blessings be upon you, and the world.

3rd Ascension 「聖女たらんとしてたのに……もう! どうしてナックルなんか実体化しちゃうのかしら! ……っ、外れないしっ! 加護なの、これ!? あぁ、もう!!」

Though I would be a saintly maiden... Mou! Why did this knuckle materialize!? ...Tch, I can't get it off! Is this for protection!? Aah, mou!!

I wanted to be a proper holy maiden. Really, why did these knuckles appear? And they won't come off! Is it for protection? Ahh, I can't believe this!

4th Ascension 「水辺の聖女……ですか? 照れるなぁ。あれだけ醜態見せちゃったのに、それでもそう言ってもらえるのね。ありがとう、こんな私に幻滅しないでくれて。ここまで付き合ってもらえるなんて、私は幸福なサーヴァントね」

The saint of the waterside... you say? It's embarrassing. Even though I've shown you such an ugly sight, I still get to hear such words. Thank you, for not being disillusioned with me. I am truly a blessed Servant to have you accompany me thus far.

A Saint of the Shore? This is embarrassing. For you to still call me that even after I've shown such a disgraceful side of me. Thank you, for not being disillusioned with me. I'm a blessed Servant for you to have accompanied me so far.

Battle Start 1 「ヤコブ様、モーセ様。お許しください……。マルタ、拳を解禁します」

Jacob-sama, Moses-sama. Please forgive me... Martha, is now unsealing her fist.

Jacob, Moses, please forgive me. I, Martha, will release my fists.

Battle Start 2 「ヤルってんならとことんヤルわよ。ナメんなっての!」

If you're gonna do it then do it thoroughly. Don't take me lightly!

If we're going to do this, we'll do it thoroughly. Don't ya underestimate me!

Skill 1 「こうしなくちゃ分からないようね」

If I don't do this you're not going to understand, eh.

You won't understand unless I do this, will you?

Skill 2  「ノッてきたわよ!」

I'm in good condition!

I'm on board!

Attack Selected 1 「重くいくのね」

Let's do this, heavily.

Going in heavy?

Attack Selected 2 「鋭くいくのね」

Let's do this, sharply.

Going in Sharp?

Attack Selected 3 「激しくいくのね」

Let's do this, violently.

Going in hard?

Noble Phantasm Selected 「主よ、しばし目をお瞑りください……」

O Lord, please close your eyes for a while...

...O Lord, please avert your eyes for a moment...

Attack 1 「せいっ!」



Attack 2 「はっ!」



Attack 3 「ハレルヤッ!」



Extra Attack 「悔い、改めろっての!」

Now repent!

Repent, I say!

Noble Phantasm 「愛を知らぬ哀しき竜よ、ここに。星のように! 『荒れ狂う哀しき竜よタラスク』! ……せいっ! 逃げ場はないわ! 鉄・拳・聖・裁!」

The sorrowful dragon that knows not love, come. Like a star! Tarrasque! ...Sei! There's nowhere to run! Iron ・ Fist ・ Holy ・ Judgment!

O Tragic Dragonkin Who Knew Naught of Love...Come forth like a shooting star! Tarasque! Haah! There's no escape! Iron. Fist. Sacred. Judgement!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「きい……たぁ!」



Regular Damage 「ぐっ!」



Defeated 1 「鈍ってるわね……情けない……」

I've gotten dull... how pathetic...

I'm rusty...pathetic...

Defeated 2 「ごめん……後は、頼む……」

Sorry... I'll leave it to you...

Sorry, I leave the you...

Battle Finish 1 「ふん……出直してきな、シャバ僧

Hmph. Make a fresh start, punk.

Hmph. Try again later, tiresome bore.

Battle Finish 2 「あぁ~やっちゃった……わたしったらなんてことを……」

Ah~ I did it... how could I do such a thing...

Aaah, I did it this time...What have I done...!

My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「これは何かの間違いなのです。きっと、エクストラクラスで現界してしまったが故に、私は荒々しく振舞ってしまう……。と、特に、戦闘中のあれは……見なかったことにしろ」

There must be some mistake here. Surely, because of the Extra class's current limits, I have been behaving rather wildly... i-in particular, in the middle of battle, that's... you did not see that.

This must be some kind of mistake. It must be because I manifested here as an Extra Class that I'm behaving so violently. E-Especially...while I'm fighting...Pretend you didn't see that.

Bond Lvl 2 私は、暴力を決して肯定しません。どれだけ荒々しく振舞ってしまったとしても、本当はこんな風には……あぁ、ステゴロ上等だなんて!」

I would never affirm the use of violence. No matter how wildly I have behaved, in truth this way is... aah, such a thing as accepting bare-fisted challenge, I would never!

I will never accept the use of violence. No matter how violently I behave, I'm really not like...Ah, but for me to embrace hand-to-hand combat...

Bond Lvl 3 「これも、主の試練なのでしょうか? どーいう試練なのコレ!?普段より我慢が効かなくなってる!」

Is this too an ordeal from the Lord? What kinda ordeal is this!? Even my usual patience is wearing out!

Is this another of my Lord's trials? What kind of trial is this! I have less self-control than usual!

Bond Lvl 4 「はぁ……マスターがアンタでよかったわ……本音よ本音、他の人だったら、こんなモードで現界した姿なんて見せられないもの」

Hah... I'm glad you're my Master... really, if it was anyone else, I couldn't show them how I am when I'm in such a mode.

(Sigh) I'm glad you're my Master. I mean it, truly. I couldn't show myself wearing this to anyone else.

Bond Lvl 5 「こーなったらある程度までは開き直る! ちょっとばかし、あの頃の感じが出ちゃってるけど、私は私。あなたがいいって言うなら、とことんまでやってやりますからね!そこんとこ、夜! 露! 死! 苦! よ!」

If that's the case then I'll become serious to a certain extent! Even though the feelings of that time are emerging slightly, I am definitely me. If you say it's good, I'm gonna do it right till the end. With that said... Please! Take! Care! Of! Me!

Aw, the heck with it! Time to get serious! I still have a little of the "back in my old days" feel, but I am still me! If you say it's good then I'll give it a go until the very end! Please accept that!

Dialogue 1 「グズグズしない! はい、シャキシャキ動く!」

Don't linger about! Yes, move sharply!

Hurry up! Come on, move quickly!

Dialogue 2 「なんだか私、変な風に現界してしまったような……あなたのことが舎弟に見えるんです」

Somehow, I seem to have been taken over by a strange feeling. ...I'm seeing you as a little brother of some sort.

Somehow I...manifested in a strange way...I can't help but see you as a minion.

Dialogue 3 「きっと、世界を救いましょうね。ほら、返事!」

Surely, we shall save the world. Hey, answer me!

Let's save the world for sure. Come on! Answer me!

Dialogue 4
(Unlocked at 3rd Ascension)

Hah... such an appearance... I wouldn't want my sister to see it.

(Sigh) I can't show my little sister this appearance...

Dialogue 5
(Sasaki Kojirou)
(Unlocked at 3rd Ascension)
「『マルタ殿さえ良ければ、一手御指南いただきたい』……じゃないわよ! なんなのあのござる侍! ホーリーナックルは武術の道具じゃないってぇの! ……じゃあ、何なのかって? それは、ほら。町娘のたしなみって言うか……」

"If Martha-dono is fine with it, I would like to have a sparring match with you" ...of course not! What is with that bumpkin samurai! The Holy Knuckle isn't a tool of martial arts! ...then, what is it? It's, yeah, that. A hobby of town girls, right...

Don't "if you're okay with it, then please instruct me" crap! What's with that monkey samurai! Holy Knuckles are not a martial arts tool!...Then what are they, you ask? They're, you know, a town girl's sense of modesty...

Dialogue 6
(Unlocked at 3rd Ascension)

Though my skin is showing only just a little, men keep trying to approach and talk... don't mess with me.

Just showing a little skin, and guys keep trying to chat me up. Don't mess with me...

Dialogue 7
(Other Swimsuit Servants)
(Unlocked at 3rd Ascension)

Hm... that swimsuit is also nice...

Hmm, that swimsuit is good too...

Something you Like 「あぁ……私はこれを自ら戒めたはずなのに……主よ、私に戦えと仰るのですね」

Ah... though I was supposed to admonish myself... O Lord, it looks like You have commanded me to fight.

Ah, though I was supposed to admonish myself...O Lord, it looks like you're telling me to fight.

Something you Hate 「嫌うものなど、憎むものなどありはしないはずなのに……主よ、私をお許しください。サーヴァントとしてある私は、こんなにも罪深い」

Though there is supposed to be nothing that I hate or dislike... O Lord, forgive me. This Servant that I am has sinned so deeply.

There should be nothing I dislike or hate, but...O Lord, please forgive me. As a servant, I am so sinful...

About the Holy Grail 「だから、偽の聖杯に興味なんてないっての! いい? 本当の聖杯はひとつよ」

I've told you, I've no interest in a fake Holy Grail! Okay? There's only one real Grail.

Like I said, I have no interest in a fake Holy Grail! Got it? There is only one real Holy Grail!

During an Event 「お祭りでしょう? 私、ベタニアにいた頃から、お祭りって大好きで」

It's a festival, right? I've loved festivals ever since I was in Bethany.

Is it a festival? Ever since I was in Bethany, I've loved festivals...

Birthday 「誕生日なんですってね。お祝いに、タラスクに乗ってその辺流して……もとい、タラスクで、空の散歩はいかがです?」

It's your birthday, so to celebrate, let's pass the time by riding on Tarrasque... how is it, would you like to take a walk in the sky using him?


(FGO 2016 Summer Event)
Dialogue 1 「正しい選択です。マスター」

That's the right choice, Master.

The correct choice, Master.

Dialogue 2 「う〜ん。ハレルヤ!」

Hm... Hallelujah!

Hmm, Hallelujah!

Dialogue 3 「テンション上がるわ〜! ……んんっ。気分が、高揚してきますね」

Tension up! ...*cough*, my feeling is hyped up.

This is riling me up! Ahem. I'm feeling uplifted, okay?

Dialogue 4 「信仰が取り戻されました」

I retrieve the faith of my believer.

My faith has been restored.

Dialogue 5 「いいじゃない、いいじゃない……! 拳が疼くわ……」

It's okay right, right...! My fist is aching.....!

Good, good. my fists are tingling.

Dialogue 6 「えっ、マジで作ってくれたの? ……ありがとう」

Eh, did you make it seriously? ...Thank you.

Eh, you really made this for me?...Thank you.