(VA: Takaya Hashi)
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Summoned 「ははははは!

私を召喚するとは、また奇特なマスターもいたものだネ! 我がクラスはアーチャー、 真名は今のところ伏せさせてもらうとするか! なに、私は強いとも。 それだけは保証しよう!」

Hahahahaha! You summoned me? What a strange master! My class is archer, please allow me to keep my true name as a secret, for now. What? I'm powerful, I can prove it!
Level Up 「強くなるのは良い事だ。あぁん」 Getting more powerful is a good thing -
1st Ascension 「では着替えるとしよう! もっとも老人の着替えなど楽しいものでもあるまい? 目当ては、スキルだろう? えぇ~?」 Let me change my dress. But it's not fun to watch an old man changing, is it? You care about skill? What? -
2nd Ascension 「おおっと、再臨か。とはいえ、着替える暇はなさそうだな」 Well, well, ascension. But looks like no time for changing. -
3rd Ascension 「衣装も豪華になり、レベルも上がり……私の腰はちょっと軋んでいる……。いやなに、大丈夫! これだけ育ててくれた恩は返すとも!」 Luxurious clothing, higher level, yet, my waist gets crunching...What? No problem! I'll pay for your cultivation! -
4th Ascension 「真名を知らぬままここまで成長させるとは……君はいったい、私の何がお気に召したのかネ? いやなに、その信頼を裏切るほど腐ってはいないつもりだよ、私は」 You raised me like this without even knowing my true what part of me attract you so much? Well, I'm not such corrupted to betray your faith in me anyways. -
Battle Start 1 「始めるとするか。準備運動があるので、少し待ちたまえ」 Battle started? Just give me a moment for warming up please. -
Battle Start 2 「よろしい。では、アラフィフ代表として、頑張るとしよう」 I'll work hard, as the representative of 50-year-old group. -
Skill 1 「戴くとしよう!」 Allow me! -
Skill 2 「光栄だね」 My honor. -
Attack Selected 1 「ジャックだ」 Jack then. -
Attack Selected 2 「クイーン」 Queen. -
Attack Selected 3 「キング」 King. -
Noble Phantasm Selected 「では……ジョーカーだ」 So, it's joker now. -
Attack 1 「射撃!」 Fire! -
Attack 2 「放て!」 Launch! -
Attack 3 「ぬっはっはっはっは!」 Uhahahaha! -
Extra Attack 「一斉掃射!」 Strafe! -
Noble Phantasm 「真名封鎖……擬似宝具展開。お仕置きの時間だネ。素晴らしい! 世界は破滅に満ちている! あーっはっはっはっはっはっは!」 True name locked on...pseudo noble phantasm deployed. Time for punishment. Terrific! The world is filled by destruction! Ahahahahahaha!
Damage from Noble Phantasm 「イッカーン!」 This is bad! -
Regular Damage 「んんっ!」 Ugh! -
Defeated 1 「ここで行き止まりか……」 It's a dead end here... -
Defeated 2 「すまないが、一時撤退だッ!」 Sorry, fall back! -
Battle Finish 1 「ほぉっ! 腰! 腰が! ピキっときてしまったっ!」 Ohhh! My waist! I just hurt my waist! -
Battle Finish 2 「よろしい、完璧な勝利だ」 Good, perfect victory. -
My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「では、これからよろしくマスター?」 "I look forward to working with you, Master." -
Bond Lvl 2 「真名はおいそれと明かす訳にはいかないね。そういうものなのだよ」 "A True Name is not something that you should reveal at a moment's notice. That is just how it is." -
Bond Lvl 3 「どうしたマスター。私はいつでもここにいるとも」 "What is the matter, Master? I am here, as always." -
Bond Lvl 4 「キミは謎が好きなのかね? そうでもなければ、真名を明かさぬサーヴァントをここまで育てることもあるまい?」 "You must enjoy mysteries. Why else would you put so much effort into raising a Servant that refuses to reveal his True Name?" -
Bond Lvl 5 「いやぁおみそれした! 真名を名乗ることはまだ出来ない。だが、約束しよう。私はいずれ、必ず、絶対に、真名を明かすと! 不誠実な私にはこれくらいしか思いつかないのだ」 "Oh, how I have underestimated you! I cannot tell you my True Name just yet. However, I promise you this. I will eventually! Definitely! Absolutely! Reveal my True Name! ...This is the best that a dishonest person like me can come up with..." -
Dialogue 1 「さぁて、そろそろ行くとするか」 "Now then... shall we be off?" -
Dialogue 2 「先達として、キミを導くのは私の役割と言えるだろうな。ただ、悪に導くかもしれんがネ」 "As your escort, I suppose my role would be to guide your path. Still, I could be leading you down the path of evil..." -
Dialogue 3 「無論キミが主だとも。いやいや! 何も企んでいないさ。ホントだって! ふははははー」 "Of course you are my Master! ...No, I am not planning anything. I speak the truth! Ahahahahaha!" -
Something you Like 「ふむ、これくらいならばヒントでもないか。私は数学を心より愛している! 数字というのは、落ち着くとところに落ち着くからネ」 "Hmm, I should give you a hint. I love mathematics from the bottom of my heart! Numbers can be very calming when I need them to be." -
Something you Hate 「嫌いなもの、か。あーっはっは、そうだな! 鹿撃ち帽、というのはどうかな?」 "Things that I dislike, you ask... ahaha! Let me see... deerstalkers, perhaps?" -
About the Holy Grail 「聖杯などただの力に過ぎんよ。それ以上でもそれ以下でもない! つまり計算に組み込みやすい」 "The Holy Grail is merely a resource. Nothing more, nothing less. In order words, fitting it into my calculations is a simple matter." -
During an Event 「どうやらイベント開催期間らしい。参加しておくかね?」 "It would appear that an event is being held. Will you be participating?" -
Birthday 「ハッピーバースデー! 歳を取るなどあっという間だぞ? 今のうちに、感謝をするべきだ」 "Happy birthday! People grow old in the blink of an eye. You should be grateful while you still can." -
Dead Heat Summer Race!
Dialogue 1 フラン:「どうだ!」



Fran: how about that!

Babbage: Hmm, the steam engine is operating under favorable conditions.

Professor M: The schemes as well.

Team PAPA Summer Race 1
Dialogue 2 フラン:「でっぱつしんこー!」



Fran: it's time to repart!

Babbage: I think the word you're looking for is depart.

Professor M: Now now, we must repart, you two!

Team PAPA Summer Race 2
Dialogue 3 フラン:「らいとにんぐ!ふはははははははは」



Fran: lightning! fuhahahaha hahahaha

Babbage: Young lady, I do not recommend immitating Nicola Tesla.

Professor M: That's right, if you grow up to be like that man, your papa's going to cry~!

Team PAPA Summer Race 3
Dialogue 4 プロフェッサーM:「脱獄仕事なら任せたまえ。いや、一度も捕まったことはないんだがね」



Professor M: If it's jailbreaking, leave it to me. Wait, I don't actually think I've ever been apprehended before.

Babbage: Come to think of it, that's right. Professor, could it be... you're an amateur at this?

Fran: dig a hole, dig a hole.

Team PAPA Summer Race 4
Dialogue 5 プロフェッサーM:「よーし、トンネルにはディック、ハリー、トムと名付けるとするか」




Professor M: Alright, when we're in the tunnel, let's use the codenames Dick, Harry and Tom.

Babbage: I can already see those names in a newspaper as anons who failed to escape.

Professor M: But those aren't our names, so it won't be a problem.

Fran: i think it's this sort of thing that makes you no good, papa.

Team PAPA Summer Race 5
Dialogue 6 プロフェッサーM:「必要な物はスプーン、接着剤、それからロックハンマーだ……いやあ、脱獄作業は楽しいものだネェ」



Professor M: What we need is a spoon, an adhesive, and a rock hammer... breaking out of prison really is exhilerating.

Fran: a man's romance?

Professor M: It's every criminal's romance, Fran... Fwahahahaha...

Team PAPA Summer Race 6
Dialogue 7 フラン:「だいしょうり!」



Fran: we win!

Professor M: Hooray!

Babbage: Well then, I should get right to tuning this rig. Where's the spanner...

Team PAPA Summer Race 7
Dialogue 8 フラン:「かった!さいんはぶい!」



Fran: we did it! peace sign!

Babbage: Don't let your guard down. One's head is most likely to fly after the battle's been won, they say.

Professor M: Though I really have no idea where your head's supposed to be...

Team PAPA Summer Race 8
Dialogue 9 プロフェッサーM:「よし!完璧なる勝利だ。ああ、大儲け大儲け!」


フラン:「おかねもうけはいいことだよ? とーぼーするためのしきんとか、あればあるほどいいしね」

Professor M: Alright! It's a flawless victory. We're going to make a killing off of this.

Babbage: I suddenly feel like I've done something wrong.

Fran: making money is a good thing. like funds in order to escape, it's better the more you have.

Team PAPA Summer Race 9
Dialogue 10 プロフェッサーM:「下水管を通って這いずり回るのは、我々ヴィランにとってのロマンだねえ」


Professor M: Turning a corner as you crawl through a sewer pipe is the dream of us villains.

Fran: we're not villains. the only villain here is papa.

Team PAPA Summer Race 10
Dialogue 11 プロフェッサーM:「そこで私はこう言ってやったのさ! 『見ろよ、あの肉体を! まるで鋼のようだぜ!』ってね!」




Professor M: And that's when I told him! "Just look at that body! It's like it's made of steel!" I said.

Babbage: Wait, I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.

Professor M: They often say, you have to watch the movie to get it.

Fran: urgh... get working, you two!

Team PAPA Summer Race 11
Dialogue 12 プロフェッサーM:「うおっ! 腰、腰が! 奇妙な音を立てた! フランちゃん、ちょっと整体よろしく!」



Professor M: Whoah! My back, my back is...! It let off a strange sound. Fran, I leave the chiropracty to you!

Fran: got it, papa!

Babbage: I recommend against it, professor. Chiropracty with a mace might prove exceedingly dangerous.

Team PAPA Summer Race 12
Dialogue 13 プロフェッサーM:「大勝利だ優勝だ超リッチだイヤッホー!」



Professor M: We're the grand champion, we win, we're rich, hooray!

Fran: yay, praise me, praise me!

Babbage: It's worthy of admiration. The steam engine truly is the greatest after all.

Team PAPA Summer Race 13
Summoning (True Name Revealed)
Summoned 「我が名はジェームズ・モリアーティ! 職業教授兼悪の組織の親玉! ふはははは! 大丈夫、私に任せれば世界征服の一つや二つ!」 "My name is James Moriarty! I am both a professor by trade as well as the head of an evil organization! Fuhahahaha! Worry not, leave everything to me and I shall conquer the world twice over!"
Leveling (True Name Revealed)
Level Up 「おおっと、成長とは!」 "Oh, growth!" -
1st Ascension 「では着替えさせてもらおう。ああ、ちょっと太ってきたかな、ワッハッハ!……洒落にならないナァ……」 "Allow me to change my clothes. Oh, I appear to have gained weight! Wahaha! ...This is no laughing matter..." -
2nd Ascension 「ハッハッハ。再臨はいいねえ。実にいい!気持ちが昂る!!」 "Hahaha. Ascension is a wonderful thing. Truly wonderful! How very exhilarating!" -
3rd Ascension 「優雅に舞い、冷酷に絡め取る。私は蜘蛛であり、蝶であり、しがない教授であり、悪のボスなのさ」 "I flutter with grace and entangle with cruelty. I am a spider and a butterfly, a humble professor and an evil mastermind." -
4th Ascension 「君を悪の道に誘おうとは思わないが、それでも、君と共に歩けるという誘惑はなかなか捨てられないものだねえ。……ありがとう、マスター」 "Though I doubt you would ever join me on the path of evil, I have trouble resisting the temptation of walking alongside you. Thank you, Master." -
Battle (True Name Revealed)
Battle Start 1 「それでは授業を始めよう。紙とペンを!」 "Let us begin the lesson. Prepare a pen and paper!" -
Battle Start 2 「モリアーティと“戦える”など、君たちは幸運だよ?」 "You must have the devil's luck, to have the chance to "do battle" against Moriarty." -
Skill 1 「他愛ないな」 "How foolish." -
Skill 2 「蜘蛛を呼ぼう」 "The spider weaves it's web" -
Attack Selected 1 「ジャックだ」 "Jack" -
Attack Selected 2 「クイーン」 "Queen" -
Attack Selected 3 「キング」 "King" -
Noble Phantasm Selected 「では——ジョーカーだ」 "Very well then... Joker!" -
Attack 1 「魔弾よ!」 "O Magic Bullet!" -
Attack 2 「問おう!」 "I accuse you!" -
Attack 3 「破壊だ!」 "Destruction!" -
Extra Attack 「殲滅はお好きかな?」 "Are you fond of annihilation?" -
Noble Phantasm 「宝具開放! 我が最終式、終局的犯罪をここに証明しよう。……『終局的犯罪ザ・ダイナミクス・オブ・アン・アステロイド』!」 "Unleashing Noble Phantasm! The last and greatest of my crimes shall be proven thus... The Dynamics of an Asteroid!"
Damage from Noble Phantasm 「ミスった……!」 "I made a mistake..." -
Regular Damage 「ぐっ」 "Ugh" -
Defeated 1 「君たちの勝ちだ……誇るがいい!」 "Victory is yours... be proud!" -
Defeated 2 「ライヘンバッハ……。また、あの、滝へと……」 "Reichenbach... once more, at those waterfalls..." -
Battle Finish 1 「戦う前の勝利こそが理想だが、こうして比べ合うのもいいものだ!」 "While claiming victory before doing battle would be ideal, competing with one another in this way is still rather enjoyable!" -
Battle Finish 2 「計算通りとはいかないな。だが、それはそれで面白い」 "Things did not proceed according to my calculations. Still, that is interesting in its own way." -
My Room (True Name Revealed)
Bond Lvl 1 「おや、このモリアーティに何か用かな?」 "Oh? Do you have business with me, Moriarty?" -
Bond Lvl 2 「いいだろう。数学の授業を始めようじゃないか!」 "Very well. Let us begin your math lesson!" -
Bond Lvl 3 「いいだろう。悪の組織運営に関する授業を始めようじゃないか! ……え? いらない?」 "Very well. Allow me to teach the ways of managing an evil organization! Huh? No?" -
Bond Lvl 4 「いやはや君は悪に対する素養が……ないナー。真っ向から善人だな。いや、何なんだ君は! 面白いぞ!」 "My, you would make a... terrible villain. You are a forthright and good person. What is the matter with you!? How interesting!" -
Bond Lvl 5 「君は善でありながら悪を憎まない。悪に苛まれようとも、善を貫こうとする。いいかい? 誰が何と言おうと、それは素晴らしい事なのさ」 "While you are good, you bear no hatred for evil. Despite being tormented at the hands of evil, you continue to persevere in your righteousness. Listen to me. Regardless of what anyone might say, that is a splendid thing." -
Dialogue 1 「さーて……そろそろ行くとするか」 "Now then... shall we be off?" -
Dialogue 2 「何しろ悪の組織のボスだからね私は! つまり君は更にその上! 裏ボスといえよう!!」 "I am the boss of an evil organization, after all! That puts you in an even greater position! You are the shadowy mastermind!" -
Dialogue 3 「誠実に仕える、と言えば胡散臭いと思われる。不誠実に仕える! と言えばやっぱりと言われる。ヴィランも悲しいものだナー……」 "Swearing to serve faithfully sounds rather dubious, yet declaring that I will serve in bad faith would be too obvious. The role of a villain is not an enviable one..." -
Dialogue 4
(Hessian Lobo)
「うおっ!? まさかライダーもいるのか!彼の心を開かせるのは大変だろうが、それでも頑張ってくれ!」 "Oh!? To think that Rider would be here as well! Convincing him to open up to you will surely be a difficult task, but do your best!" -
Dialogue 5
(Edmond Dantes)
「おーやダンテス君。ハッハッハ、悪を以て正義を成した君はともかく、私がここにいるとは予想外だったろう!……おーい、返事をしてくれー」 "Hello, Dantes-kun. Hahaha! A wicked dispenser of justice such as yourself is one thing, but I doubt you expected to find me here, did you!? Hey, could you refrain from ignoring me?" -
Dialogue 6
(Henry Jekyll & Hyde)
「おおっと、ジキル君じゃあないか。フフフ……そんなに警戒せずとも今は互いにサーヴァント。仲良くやろうじゃないか。……仲良くな」 "Oh, Jekyll-kun. Hahaha. There is no need to be so guarded. Let us be on good terms, now that we are both Servants. Yes, very good terms..." -
Dialogue 7
(Sherlock Holmes)
「ン!?あそこにいるのはシャーロック・ホームズかっ!よしマスター、トマトか何か、ぶつけてやれ!」 "What!? Sherlock Holmes is over there! Alright Master, tomatoes or something, hit him!" -
Something you Like 「好きなもの? それはもう邪悪なプランニングだとも! 計算通りに行くのも楽しく、行かないのも楽しいぞぉ!」 "Things that I like? Evil planning, of course! It is so much fun, regardless of whether things go according to plan or not!" -
Something you Hate 「嫌いなもの? 無論シャーロックだとも。おのれホームズ!なんで私がアラフィフで、お前は超絶イケメンなんだ! マジ許さネー」 "Things that I dislike? Sherlock, of course. Damn you, Holmes! Why am I stuck with a middle aged body whilst you get to be a handsome young man!? Absolutely unforgivable!" -
About the Holy Grail 「聖杯は大きな力だがそれ以上ではない。大切なのは、xという変数なのだよ」 "While the Holy Grail is an immense resource, it serves no other purpose. What truly matters is the variable known as X." -
During an Event 「どうやらイベント開催期間らしい。参加しておくかネ?」 "It would appear that an event is being held. Will you be participating?" -
Birthday 「誕生日じゃないか、祝え祝え! なんだったら鹿撃ち帽でもプレゼントしよう!」 "It is your birthday, is it not? Celebrate! I could give you a deerstalker as a present, if you like." -