(VA: Kana Ueda)
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Summoned 1 「ヤッホー! あいかわらずのんびりした顔をしているわね!


え? 知らない? 覚えてない?




Yaho~! Still wearing the usual relaxed face, huh?

But I'm relieved. That's how you should be. 

Eh? You don't know me? You don't remember me?

... I see. Well, that's no surprise I guess.

I am Ishtar, Goddess of Beauty and Governer of Venus.

Fear me and do your best to satisfy me with tribute and reverence!

Summoned 2


美の女神にして金星を司るもの 豊穣、戦い、破壊をも司るこの私をせいぜい敬い――

……は? 久しぶり? なに言ってるの、アナタの事なんてこれっぽっちも―― 知らない……けど。 ……まあ、人間にしては悪くないじゃない。生意気にも」

The Goddess Ishtar has answered your summons. 

The Goddess of Beauty and she who governs victory. The harvest, battle, and destruction fall under my jurisdiction as well. Do your best to revere and...

... Huh? Been a while? What are you talking about? I haven't the slightest idea who you're supposed... to be... but... well, you're not bad for a human. Impertinent as you may be.

Level Up 「成長したわ。少しずつなのが面倒だけど、貢がれるのは悪くないわね」 I've grown. Going at it step by step is a pain, but it isn't so bad to be supported.
1st Ascension 「暑くなってきたし、そろそろ脱ごっかなぁ。ん? なぁに? 気になる? ダ・メ・よ、おあずけ! 私に夢中になるのは、もっと再臨してからね」 It's getting hot, so is it about time I stripped? Hmm? What's that? You curious? That's. No. Good. Put it on hold! You can get entranced with me after you've ascended me more.
2nd Ascension 「霊基の強度がア~ップ! うんうん、もっとジャンジャン稼いでね、マスター!」 The strength of my soul has gone up~! Yeah, yeah, keep raking in the dough, master!
3rd Ascension 「ありがとう。人間の体は窮屈だから、こうして育ててもらえるのは助かるわ。でも、私をこんなに強化していいの? 手が付けられなくなるわよ?」 Thank you. A human body is too stiff, so it's quite helpful for you to raise it up so. But are you sure you should be strengthening me this much? I'm going to be more than you can handle, you know?
4th Ascension 「はい、目を開けて。本当はいけないんだけど、特別に連れてきてあげたわ。ここが何処か、ですって? ふふ、見てわからない? 人が憧れる金星の輝き、星々の海に揺蕩う私……さあ、何処まで行こうかしら? まだまだ退屈させないでね、マスター!」 Yes, open your eyes. I know I'm not supposed to, but I made an exception and brought you here. Where are we, you ask? Fufu, can't you tell by looking? The radiance of Venus man longs for so, I who drifts through the sea of stars... now, how far shall we go together? Make sure you never let me become bored, Master!
Battle Start 1 「度胸だけは一人前ね。いいわ、少しだけ遊んであげる」 Your courage alone is first-rate, to say the least. Very well, I'll play with you a bit.
Battle Start 2 「よしよし、カモが来たカモが来た……んんっ! そうじゃなくて、平和のために戦いましょう!」 That's right, here comes the suckers, hook line and sinker... hmm!? That's not what I meant, I mean, let us fight for the sake of peace! 
Skill 1 「高くついたわね!」 This is going to cost you!
Skill 2 「優雅に華麗に大胆に!」 Elegant, fabulous and daring!
Skill 3
(Only said when Mana Burst (Gems) 1 turn delay is done.)
「セット!」 Set!
Attack Selected 1 「ふぅん、いいじゃない」 Hmph, well why not.
Attack Selected 2 「はいはい」 Yeah, yeah.
Attack Selected 3 「狙いは決まった?」 Decided on your mark yet?
Noble Phantasm Selected 1 「いいわ、金星まで連れて行ってあげる!」 Very well, I'll take you all the way to Venus!
Noble Phantasm Selected 2 「私の本気、見たいんだ?」 So, you want to see me go all out?
Attack 1 「放てっ!」 Fire!
Attack 2 「そこ動かない!」 Don't move!
Attack 3 「どうかしら!」 How about that!
Extra Attack 「とっておき、喰らいなさい!」 I've been saving it up, now eat this!
Noble Phantasm 1 「飛ぶわよ、マアンナ! ゲートオープン! ……ふふっ、光栄に思いなさい? これが私の、全力全霊……! 打ち砕け、『山脈震撼す明星の薪アンガルタ・キガルシュ』!!」 Here we go, Mana! Gate Open!... Fufu, think of it as an honor. This is my full throttle...! Be crushed to pieces, 'Kindle of Venus for Tectonic Deformation, An Gal Te Kigal She'!!
Noble Phantasm 2 「ゲートオープン! ……よしよし、今回もよろしくね。大いなる天から、大いなる地に向けて! またの名を、ジュベル・ハムリンブレイカー!」 Gate open! ... Yeah, yeah, we're at it again. From the great heavens, a shot fired towards the great earth! Otherwise known as Jebil Hamrin Breaker!
Damage from Noble Phantasm 「後で覚えてなさいよぉ……!」 I'll remember this, dammit...!
Regular Damage 「っ!」 ...!
Defeated 1 「あれ……? 肉体って、こんな脆いの……?」 Huh...? Was my body supposed to be this fragile?
Defeated 2 「仕返し、必ずしてやるからねー!」 I'll definitely get back at you for this someday!
Battle Finish 1 「敗者は身ぐるみ剥がされる。捧げ物として、没収するわ」 Strip off all the loser's possessions. We're seizing them as an offering.
Battle Finish 2 「当然の結果よ。神、舐めないでよね」 The natural result. Don't look down on a god.
My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「私を楽しませなさい、とは言わないわ。人間にそこまで求めてないしね。せめて飽きさせないよう踊りなさい。それなら、ちょっとだけ付き合ってあげるから。 I won't say you have to keep me entertained. I can't expect that much from a human. At the very least, keep up your foolish dance lest I lose interest in you. If you do, I'll accompany you a while longer.
Bond Lvl 2 「踊りなさい、とは言ったけど……まさかここまで行動的だったなんて。砂漠に行ったり、溶岩地帯に行ったり……果てはわけのわからない固有結界! ごめんなさい、舐めてました! アナタ、ウルクの民と同じぐらい冒険的よ?」 I did tell you to dance, but... I never thought you'd be so active. Like heading to the desert, and heading into volcanic regions... and some incomprehensible Reality Marble to boot! I'm sorry, I had made light of you! You're just about as adventurous as the people of Uruk.
Bond Lvl 3 「私の扱いに慣れてきた? それは結構! あまり愚かな真似をして、私をイライラさせないでね。 ……え? どうしてかって、そりゃあ……ついカッとなって弓を撃ったりでもしたら大変というか、自己嫌悪で金星を壊しそうというか……何言ってるのかしら、私」 You've grown accustomed to how I treat you? Well excuse me! Just don't do anything too foolish to piss me off... Eh? Why, you ask? I mean... if you made me fly into a rage and make me bow go off or something it would be bad, or how should I put it, my self-loathing and regret would cause Venus to crumble and... I wonder what I'm talking about.
Bond Lvl 4 「私は完成されている。女神として、支配と采配を常として。だからかしらねぇ? アナタみたいに未完成なものを長いこと見てると、変な気分になるっていうかぁ……あぁもうまだるっこしい! 要は、放っておけないってコト!」 I am perfect. As a Goddess, a ruler and one of eternal command. I wonder if that's why. When I watch someone as inperfect as you for so long, it puts me in a peculiar mood... Ah, this is irritating! To cut to the chase, it means I can't leave you alone!
Bond Lvl 5 「あぁもう白状する、白状します! アナタのことが嫌いじゃないわ! ……だって、よく足掻くし、よくもがくし、なんだかんだと最後まで負けないし。だから、これからは私がアナタの勝利の女神になってあげる! ……ふふ、覚悟なさい。たとえ冥界に逃げようと首根っこを離さないんだから!」 Ah, damn, I'll just confess already. Here's me confessing! I don't hate you! ... I mean, you struggle nicely, you squirm well across the barren earth, and despite this and that, you don't lose in the end. And that's why I'll become your goddess of victory! ... Fufu, you'd better resolve yourself. Even if you flee to the realm of the dead, I'll drag you back by the nape, you hear!
Dialogue 1 「あっちあっち! 外で面白そうなことやってるじゃない。宝石の匂いがするわ! 急いで独り占めしに行きましょ!」 There, over there! They're doing something interesting outside. I smell the scent of gemstones! Let's go and take them all for ourselves!
Dialogue 2 「主従関係? 私があなたと契約したのは、凡人のくせに、健気に足掻いているところが面白かっただけよ? 見ていて目が離せない……って、面白いってことでしょ?」 The relation of master and servant? The only reason I contracted you was because, despite being an ordinary person, the way you struggle so gallantly was interesting, and that's about it. When I watch you, I can't take my eyes off... out of intrigue, I mean.
Dialogue 3 「女神と人間の関係なんて、一つだけでしょ? せいぜい見上げなさい。見惚れなさい? それくらいは許してあげる。っていうか……アンタ、時々ものすごく強気じゃない?」 There's only one relation between human and Goddess. Look up and revere me all you wish. Be charmed by my grace. I'll at least permit you that much. And wait... aren't there times when you're incredibly strong willed?
Dialogue 4
「アイツが人に力を貸すなんて驚きね……この異変を起こした元凶の正体より驚きよ。何の事かって? 決まってるでしょ。私を袖にした、最高に趣味が悪くてワガママな金ぴかの事よ!」 It's surprising that guy would lend his power to someone…… Even more surprising than the true identity of the cuplit behind this incident. What am I talking about?Isn't it obvious. The one who gave me the cold shoulder, that selfish Goldy with terrible preferences!
Dialogue 5
「無名の英霊まで居るんだぁ……ふぅん? 人間らしい全体浄化の仕組みだけど、酷いものね。ちょっと私、一言叱りつけてくるわ。カッコつけるのも大概にしろって」 So there's even a heroic spirit without a name... Hmm? He has a man-made full-body purification set up, but it's quite a terrible sight to behold. I'm going to go put in a word to him. He should keep his cool act within limits.
Dialogue 6 「この肉体、よく馴染むわ。神代の巫女でもないのに大したものよ。まぁね、聖杯とやらに縁ある人間のうち、一番性質の近い子を選んだんだから当然だけど」 This body has quite an affinity for me. When she's not even a maiden in service to the gods, that's quite an accomplishment. Well, of the people around that Holy Grail thing, I just chose the one with the most compatible nature, so I guess that goes without saying.
Dialogue 7
「何が怖いかって、私はケツアルクアトルが一番怖いわ。だってアイツ、怪物だけじゃなく、神にもプロレス技仕掛けてくるのよ? しかもそれが超痛いの! コブラツイストでタップする神様とか、想像したくもないでしょ?」 What I'm afraid of? I think Quetzalcoatl is the scariest. I mean, that girl isn't just a monster, she's a god that uses pro wrestling moves on you. What's more, they're ridiculously painful! I don't even want to imagine a god who puts you in a cobra twist.
Dialogue 8
(EMIYA (Alter))
「だから言ったのに…全体の後始末なんて押し付けられたら、最期には必ず燃え尽きるんだって。でもそれが、あの英霊が目指した理想の姿なんでしょうね」 Didn't I tell you...? That if you force yourself to always cleanup after others, you will surely burn yourself out at the end. But I guess that was the ideal appearance that Heroic Spirit was aiming for....
Dialogue 9
Dialogue 10
「ちょっと!なんでエレシュキガルと契約してるのよ!?あいつは私だけど私じゃない、最も私らしくない、暗くウジウジした私なのよ!?ていうか、私がいるんだから他の私となんか話をするなぁー!」 Hang on! Why have you contracted with Ereshkigal? She's me but, she's not me. She's really not like me, she's a dark irresolute me you know!? I mean, because I'm already here don't talk to the person who looks like me-!
Something you Like 「私の好きなもの? 言っていいのぉ? 口にしたら、貰わないと気がすまないわよ、私?」 What I like? You sure you want me to say it? Once it comes out of my mouth, I'll never be satisfied until I get my hands on it.
Something you Hate 「嫌いなもの……そりゃあ、浪費、大損、ケアレスミスよね。この身体になる前から苦手だったけど、こうなってからはもう本当自己嫌悪なのだわ」 Something I hate... I mean, waste, loss, careless mistakes, I guess. I was no good with them even before I got this body, but since then, it's really nothing but self-loathing.
About the Holy Grail 「聖杯と言えば、ウルクの大杯ね。願望機として使えるかは知らないけど、あれはあれで凄いものよ。いつか私に贈ってね、マスター♪」 When you mention the Holy Grail, I think of the cup of Uruk. I don't know if they used it as a wishing device or not, but it was quite amazing in and of itself. You should send it to me sometime, Master~♪
During an Event 「人間っていうのは……あれねぇ。どんな時でも、祭りが好きよね。集まるのが好きなのかしら」 Humans are... that, you know. No matter the time, they love their festivals. I wonder if they just like to gather.
Birthday 「え、嘘? 誕生日!? う、うわー……知ってる、私知ってるわ! 誕生日って、好感度を上げるすっごいチャンスなのよね! プレゼント、今から間に合うかしら……というか、何をあげれば喜ぶのかしらコイツ……?」 Eh? For reals? A birthday!? W-whoah... I know it, I know what that is! A birthday is an amazing chance to raise someone's affection levels! Do you think a present will make it in time... and wait, just what would this one be happy to recieve in the first place...?