(VA: Kawasumi Ayako)
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Summoned お、おはようございます!アーチャー、アルトリア、召喚に応じ参上いたしましたっ。慣れないクラスなのでお役に立てるかわかりませんが、よろしくお願いしますね! G-good morning! Archer, Arturia, has arrived in answer to your summons. I'm not sure whether I'll be of help in an unfamiliar class, but let's work well together from now on! [[file:|130px]]
Level Up 射撃の腕が上がりました。リロードリロード! My shooting arm is even better now. Reload, reload. [[file:|130px]]
1st Ascension 以前より動きやすくなりました。これならクジラにも負けません! It's easier to move around than before. Now I won't lose, not even to a whale! [[file:|130px]]
2nd Ascension ウォーターブリッツ道は奥が深いですね、まだまだ精進します The way of the Water Blitz is profound. I must continue to devote all I have to it. [[file:|130px]]
3rd Ascension お喜びください。スコアがチャンピオンクラスに到達しましたので、新しい姿になりました。もはやウォーターブリッツにおいて、私の右に出るものはいないかと。今ならクラーケンにも負けません! Please rejoice. Because my score has reached the Champion class, a new outfit has appeared. In Water Blitz, there are now none who are superior to me. As of now I will not lose, not even to a Kraken! [[file:|130px]]
4th Ascension もう新しい上着は無いようです。ここまで、はしゃぐように駆け上がってきました。でも、今日ぐらいはゆっくりと過ごしませんか?もちろん、あなたと二人で There are seems to be no more new jackets. Until now we have just been frolicking about, to and fro. But, why don't we spend our time leisurely, just for today? Just the two of us, of course. [[file:|130px]]
Battle Start 1 水上ポリス、参上です! The water police has arrived! [[file:|130px]]
Battle Start 2 遊びはほどほどに、わかりますね Play in moderation, understand? [[file:|130px]]
Skill 1 無駄射ちはしません! There won't be a wasted shot! [[file:|130px]]
Skill 2 ホールドアーップ! Hold up! [[file:|130px]]
Attack Selected 1 楽しみです I look forward to this. [[file:|130px]]
Attack Selected 2 遠慮はしませんとも There's no need to hold back! [[file:|130px]]
Attack Selected 3 ロックオン! Lock on! [[file:|130px]]
Noble Phantasm Selected 1 ええ、いきますよ!マスター! Yeah! Let's go, Master! [[file:|130px]]
Noble Phantasm Selected 2 ビッグウェーブ・イングランド! Big Wave England!
Attack 1 狙い撃ちです! Sniping in progress! [[file:|130px]]
Attack 2 フリーズ! Freeze! [[file:|130px]]
Attack 3 えいっ とぉっ Ei! Tou! [[file:|130px]]
Extra Attack エクス シュート Ex... Shoot! [[file:|130px]]
Noble Phantasm 1 スイミングの時間です!水面に光るは、勝利の剣!『陽光煌めく勝利の剣 エクスカリバー・ヴィヴィアン』! It's swimming time. The light shining among the waves, the sword of victory! Excalibur Vivian[1]! [[file:|130px]]
Noble Phantasm 2 スイミング! 華麗、あまりにも華麗! 帆柱と散れ、『陽光煌めく勝利の剣エクスカリバー・ヴィヴィアン』!! Swimming! Magnificent, too magnificent! Mast, die a noble death! Excalibur Vivian!
Damage from Noble Phantasm 流れるプールですね、知ってますとも Even though I knew it was a lazy river... [[file:|130px]]
Regular Damage だっ Ow. [[file:|130px]]
Defeated 1 もう少し……撃ちたかった……な…… I wanted to... Shoot a little more... [[file:|130px]]
Defeated 2 次は……マシンガンを持ってきます…… I'll be back with a machine gun next time. [[file:|130px]]
Battle Finish 1 浜辺はきれいに、何事も後片付けが大切です The beach is now clean. In all matters, cleaning up afterwards is important. [[file:|130px]]
Battle Finish 2 たまには、こういう催しも、いいものですね An event like this is good, once in a while. [[file:|130px]]
My Room
Bond Lvl 1 鎧ではなく、水着での召喚……というのは、初めてです。慣れませんが、ほかの皆さんも順応していますし、私もこの姿でお手伝いさせていただきますね。はい、せっかくの夏、なのですから To be summoned sans armor, in a swimsuit... It is a first. Though I'm not used to it, the others seem to have adapted well, so I'll be happy to help out in this form, too. Yes, it's summer, after all. [[file:|130px]]
Bond Lvl 2 南国の海というものは、こんなにも眩しく、熱く、生命力に満ちたものなのですね。確かに、ここでは鎧姿は不利というもの。私も武器を新調した甲斐がありました The tropical sea... It is so dazzling, hot, and full of life. Certainly, it would be disadvantageous to be in armor in this place. I have also newly modified the efficiency of my weapon. [[file:|130px]]
Bond Lvl 3 んふふっ。告白すると、はじめはとても緊張していたのです。着慣れない服装と、使い慣れない武器で、お役に立てるのかと。でも、今は羽が生えたようです。あなたのおかげですね、マスター Hehehe. Truth be told, I was very nervous at first. I wasn't sure if I could be of service to you, in these unfamiliar clothes, with this unfamiliar weapon. But, now it's as if I have wings! It's all thanks to you, Master. [[file:|130px]]
Bond Lvl 4 お恥ずかしい。気が付けば、私が遊んでばかりでした。マスターも、ブリッツしますか?え、それより散歩したい?は、はい、私でよろしければ、ビーチの案内などいかがでしょう It's embarrassing. By the time I realized it, I've just been doing nothing but play. Master, will you Blitz too? ...Eh? Rather than that, you'd like to take a walk? Y-yes. If you will permit it, I shall guide you to the beach. [[file:|130px]]
Bond Lvl 5 ペンギンカップ優勝トロフィー、あなたこそ、海辺の王様、クイーンオブビーチ。だそうです。楽しいことばかりで目が回りそうでしたが、何よりも、あなたに感謝を、マスター。この夏が終わるまで、精一杯遊びましょう The Penguin Cup victor's trophy. "You are the ruler of the seaside, Queen of Beach", or so it seems. It's been so much fun that I'm getting dizzy, but above all else I must thank you, Master. Before this summer ends, let's play to our hearts' content! [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 1 運動は大切です。水上アスレチックで、イルカ流鏑馬に行きましょう。行きましょう! Exercise is important. For water athletics, let's go do some dolphin-back archery. Come on! [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 2 どれ程楽しい日々にあろうと、マスターとサーヴァントの関係は変わりません。私はあなたの剣、いいえ、ブリッツとなって、並み居るライバルたちを蹴散らします! No matter how fun the days are, the relationship between Master and Servant does not change. I am your sword... No, I have become the Blitz, who will blow away your lineup of rivals! [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 3 今の私は、騎士でも王でもなく、あなたの代理として戦うシューターです。どのようなステージでも、ナンバー1の座をもぎ取りましょう As I am now, I am neither knight, nor king, but a shooter who fights on your behalf. No matter the stage, I will claim the seat of number 1. [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 4
(Mordred (Rider))
目の錯覚でしょうか?私のプリドゥエン持ち船を勝手に持ち出して、あまつさえ、サーフボードにしている不届き者の姿が見えました。さて、お仕置きには、聖槍と聖剣ロンゴミニアドとエクスカリバー、どちらがいいと思いますか、マスター? Am I seeing things? I see an insolent taking my ship [2] out without permission, and worse, using it as a surfboard. Well, for the punishment... Rhongomyniad or Excalibur? Which do you think is better, Master? [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 5
(Scathach (Assassin))
あれが影の国の女王。武芸百般と聞きましたが、あれほどの武器を使いこなすとは、感服しました。え、身体の話?槍の私なら負けてはいませんが、何か So that is the Queen of the Land of Shadows. I have heard that she was a master of martial arts, but to be able to use that many weapons is really deserving of respect. Eh? About her body? Well, if it's the me with the spear, then I wouldn't lose, I guess. [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 6
(Any one of the Knights of the Round Table)
円卓の騎士たちにも、お土産を買ってあげたいところですね。皆おそろいの、アロハシャツなどどうでしょう。喜ぶ姿が、目に浮かぶようです。 I would like to buy some souvenirs for the Knights of the Round Table. What about matching Aloha shirts [3]? Their grateful faces are already floating before my eyes. [[file:|130px]]
Dialogue 7
(Gilles de Rais)
海魔?ああ、いましたね、そんな雑魚エネミー。かつての私は後れを取りましたが、今の私の敵ではありません。タコは斬るものではなく撃つもの。その後に、おいしくいただいてあげましょう Sea demon? ...Ah, there was such a thing, that small fry of an enemy. Though I would previously have fallen behind it, as I am now, it is not my match. An octopus is not something to cut, but something to shoot. After this, let's cook it to be delicious and enjoy it. [[file:|130px]]
Something you Like 好きなもの……障害物のないステージですね。正面からの撃ち合いが、一番気持ちいいです What I like... A stage without obstacles. Having a shooting showdown from the front. That's the best feeling. [[file:|130px]]
Something you Hate 嫌いなもの……背後から忍び寄る、アサシンローラーとか、遠くから狙い打ってくる、キャスタースナイパーはちょっと……スポーツは楽しく、正面からガチで競い合ってこそだと思います What I dislike... The Assassin Roller that sneaks up behind your back, or the Caster Sniper that snipes at you from afar... I think the fun in sports is in competing face-to-face in a direct contest. [[file:|130px]]
About the Holy Grail 聖杯?優勝トロフィーですか?ええ、ぜひ手に入れたいですね。私がチャンピオンになった暁には、ぜひマスターと記念撮影を The Holy Grail? Is that a victor's trophy? Eh, yeah, I'd like to get it. When I become champion, let's take a commemorative photo together, Master. [[file:|130px]]
During an Event 私のエクスブリッツが震えています。どうやら、水上ポリスの出番のようですね My Ex-Blitz is trembling. It seems to be time for the water police to take the stage. [[file:|130px]]
Birthday 「お誕生日と聞きました。この時を待っていたのです。1日4食限定の、スペシャルグランドスラムパフェをご馳走させていただきますね。」 I heard that it was your birthday. I have been waiting for this time. Let's go eat the Special Grand Slam Parfait that is only limited to four meals a day. [[file:|130px]]
FGO 2016 Summer Event
Interactive Dialogue 1 「流石はマスター、理性的な判断です」 As expected of Master, your judgement is rational.
Interactive Dialogue 2 「面白みのない提案ではありませんでしたか? ……感謝します、マスター」 -
Interactive Dialogue 3 「GG。つまり、グッドゲームです」 「GG。In other words, Good Game」
Interactive Dialogue 4 「素晴らしい……私の銃口からも、喜びが溢れています!」 Amazing... Joy is overflowing from my muzzle!
Interactive Dialogue 5 「この島における、キャメロットのようなものですね」 This island, it's somwhat like Camelot.
Interactive Dialogue 6 「ここまでの施設が作れるとは……これもマスターの人徳でしょう」 -


  1. Vivian is one of the different name that writers and copyists give to The Lady of the Lake. She is a sorceress in the Matter of Britain, the body of medieval literature and legend about Great Britain. She plays a pivotal role in many stories, including giving King Arthur his sword Excalibur, enchanting Merlin, and raising Lancelot after the death of his father.
  2. Artoria refer to Prydwen (プリドゥエン, Puriduen?) a treasure owned by King Arthur, said to be a wonder tool able to become both a ship and a shield, or something like that. Stored away in Camelot's treasure vault, Mordred stole it from Artoria during her temporary rule while the latter was away.
  3. commonly referred to as a Hawaiian shirt, is a style of dress shirt originating in Hawaii. It is currently the premier textile export of the Hawaii manufacturing industry.