Bryn2 This Craft Essence is a limited Craft Essence. It was only available during special summoning campaigns. No plans have been revealed to add this Craft Essence to the permanent summoning pool.

This Craft Essence was available from the Valentine 2016 Summoning Campaign.

Event Bonus

Event Equipped On Non Limited Break Limited Break
Valentine 2016 Event Sabericon Sabercoin Drop +5 Sabercoin Drop +6
Archericon Archercoin Drop +5 Archercoin Drop +6
Lancericon Lancercoin Drop +5 Lancercoin Drop +6
Ridericon Ridercoin Drop +5 Ridercoin Drop +6
Valentine 2016 Event Re-Run Castericon Castercoin Drop +5 Castercoin Drop +6
Assassinicon Assassincoin Drop +5 Assassincoin Drop +6
Berserkericon Berserkercoin Drop +5 Berserkercoin Drop +6
Shieldericon Rulericon Class-Avenger-Gold Allcoin Drop +5 Allcoin Drop +6


Normal Effect
Increases Arts and Quick performance by 10%.
Increases healing received by 20%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Arts and Quick performance by 15%.
Increases healing received by 30%.


Give Me Love Me!



Give Me, Love Me!

Valentine's Day, a wonderful day full of love.
Even short dresses like these will be forgiven.
True love, close friends, or even just acquaintances.
No matter what the reason is, the chocolate will be equally sweet.
You there, why don't you take one?

※ Please kindly keep your hands off the maids.

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