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Status Up Cards are 1★ to 3★ cards that increase a Servant's HP or ATK stat permanently, turning the increased stat yellow. The current amount of Status Up Cards on a Servant can be seen just below their HP & ATK stats at the Servant Status screen.

Status Up Cards can be acquired in the Friend Point Gacha or bought with Mana Prisms. Permanent stat increases granted by Status Up Cards are capped at 990 for each stat.

1★ cards will increase one stat by 10, 2★ cards will increase it by 20 and 3★ cards will increase it by 50.

There are Status Up Cards for every class except for Shielder, Ruler, and Avenger. Status Up Cards purchased with Mana Prisms are not class-restricted.
They are used in the same way as Experience Cards, but will give the servant 12 experience each.

Alternatively, they can also be burned in exchange for QP and Mana Prisms.

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