Status Effects, also commonly known as buffs and debuffs, are special effects than can affect a Servant's or enemy's state or performance in combat.


Buffs are effects that have positive dispositions to Units.

Icon Name Effect
Attackup ATK up Increase unit's attack.
Defenseup DEF up Increase unit's defense.
Statusup DEBUFF up Increase unit's debuff success rate.
Resistanceup RES up Increase unit's debuff resistance.
Quickupstatus Quick up Increase unit's Quick Card power.
Artsupstatus Arts up Increase unit's Arts Card power.
Busterupstatus Buster up Increase unit's Buster Card power.
Hpregen HP Regen Recover unit's HP at the end of the turn.
Stargainturn Star Regen Gain Critical Stars at the end of the turn.
Npgainturn NP Regen Unit's NP Gauge increases at the end of the turn.
Invincible Invincible Direct damage to the unit is prevented.
Avoid Evade Direct damage to the unit is prevented.
Gutsstatus Guts The next time the unit would be defeated, instead recover HP.
Powerup Damage up Increase unit's damage.
Defenseup Damage resist Reduce direct damage to the unit.
Stargainup Star gather up Servant generates more critical stars.
Critabsup Star absorb up Servant absorbs more critical stars.
Critdmgup Crit Dmg up Increase unit's critical damage.
Npchargeup NP gather up Servant generates more NP Gauge per hit.
Nppowerup NP up Unit's Noble Phantasm damage increases.
Invinciblepierce Pierce Invincible Unit's attacks ignores Invincible and Evade.
Surehit Sure Hit Unit's attacks ignores Evasion.
Unknowngender Looks of Loveliness Unit's sex is unknown. Unused in-game
Debuffimmune Debuff Immune Unit is immune to debuffs.
Tauntstatus Taunt Single target attacks must target this unit. Area of effect attacks still hit all enemies.
Transparent Critical Chance up (Enemy only)
Increases unit's critical rate.


Debuffs are effects that have negative dispositions to Units.

Icon Name Effect
Attackdown ATK down Decrease unit's attack.
Defensedown DEF down Decrease unit's defense.
Statusdown DEBUFF down Decrease unit's debuff success rate.
Resistancedown RES down Decrease unit's debuff resistance.
Resistancedown DEATH down Decrease unit's instant death resistance.
Quickdown Quick down Decrease unit's Quick Card power.
Artsdown Arts down Decrease unit's Arts Card power.
Busterdown Buster down Decrease unit's Buster Card power.
Burn Burn Unit takes damage at the end of the turn. Damage can kill burnt units.
Poison Poison Unit takes damage at the end of the turn. Damage cannot exceed lower than 1 HP
Curse Curse Unit takes damage at the end of the turn. Can stack. Damage can kill cursed units.
Nplossturn NP Loss Servant's NP Gauge decreases at the end of the turn.
Stunstatus Stun Unit cannot act for 1 turn.
Charmstatus Charm Unit cannot act for 1 turn.
Powerdown Damage down Decrease Unit's damage.
Stargaindown Star gather down Servant generates fewer critical stars.
Critabsdown Star absorb down Servant absorbs fewer critical stars.
Critdmgdown Crit Dmg down Decrease unit's critical damage.
Npchargedown NP gather down Servant generates less NP Gauge per hit.
Nppowerdown NP down Unit's Noble Phantasm damage decreases.
Npseal NP Seal Unit cannot use Noble Phantasm.
Skillseal Skill Seal Unit cannot use Active Skills.
Dragontrait Dragon Unit gains [Dragon] trait.
Transparent Critical Chance down (Enemy only)
Decreases unit's critical rate.


  • Instant Death is not a debuff. Servants and Enemies have a separate Death Resist stat from Debuff Resist. Effects that prevent debuffs do not prevent instant death.
  • Servants and enemies can be defeated from Burn reducing HP to 0.
  • Taunt can cause an enemy Servant's Noble Phantasm to fail to execute, but still use up a full Charge Gauge.
    • Needs confirmation! Sometimes behaves this way and sometimes does not.