Roman Soldier

Japanese Name: ローマ兵, 連合ローマ兵, 兵士, スパルタ兵
Class(es): SabericonArchericonLancericon Attribute: Man
Rank : Bronze / Silver Gender : Male
Traits: Human, Humanoid, Male, Roman
Area(s) : Septem
Death Rate : 100%
Critical Chance : Sabericon 10% / Archericon 20% / Lancericon 10%
Actions/Turn : 1
Drops : Heros proof Shiningsaber Shiningarcher Shininglancer

Roman Soldier are the common enemy of Septem.


Attack Stance

  • Attackup Increases own Attack by 10% for 3 turns.


Class NP
Sabericon Extreme Charge

300% damage to a single enemy.

Archericon Extreme Rapid-Fire

300% damage to a single enemy.

Lancericon Extreme Assault

300% damage to a single enemy.