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Japanese Icon Obtained by
蛇の宝玉 Snake jewel Lamia, Naga, Sea Demon
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Master Training - Advanced [3-6] [30 AP]

Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) - Intermediate [0-6] [20 AP]
Monster Hunt (Four Horsemen Edition) - Master [0-6] [30 AP]
Okeanos - Reef Waters [0-4] [17AP]
Camelot - Dunes of Daybreak [0-6] [19AP]

Edmondicon10 Gorgonicon38 Brideicon60 Deon56 Arjunaicon12 Gilicon42 Orionicon44 Ishtar icon60 Atalantaicon11 Anne&MaryArchericon38 Euryale31 Robinicon33 Kogilicon33 Fionnicon48 Medusalancericon48 Diarmuidicon9 Leonidasicon33 Quetzicon44 Marieicon40 Boudicaicon42 Cleopatra icon10 ShutenIcon44 Carmillaicon36 Sthenoicon36 Matahariicon25 Medusaicon31 Shakespeareicon35 Caligulaicon22 Ericicon6

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