This Craft Essence can be obtained by bringing Ishtar's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.


When equipped on Ishtar,
Increases party's Buster performance by 20%
and reduces party's debuff resistance by 20% [Demerit] while she is on the field.



 かの女神こそ天の女主人、愛されるべき美の化身。  その手に持つは美しき七頭の槌矛。  獰猛悪辣な見た目通り、ただ持つだけで敵を  打ち倒すという情け容赦のない錫杖。  なんという事か、かの女神はこの残酷な凶器を  生まれた時から持っていたという。どんだけ。

 ああ、夜明け射す光条の象徴よ。  おお、金星の女神、暁を導かん。

 女神は守られる事を好まず、率先して戦陣に立ち  誰よりも大きな戦果を上げたという。なんで。  しかれど、その温情は戦いだけにあらず。  得がたい気まぐれで女神は洪水をもたらす怪物を  退治し、豊穣の権能から治水を良く行い、  多くの市を賑やかした。

 様々な問題、様々な側面はあるものの、  最終的には人の世に幸福と歓びを施さん。  イナンナ女神万歳。

 ところで、イナンナ女神はこれ同じレベルの  破壊兵器をもう一振り持っているという話』

「ちょっと待って、これ、私を賛美する歌よね!?  所々に本音が見え隠れしてるんですけど!?」

Fear her and praise her. Venerate her and worship her.

She is the mistress of Heaven. The personification of beauty whom all must love. Her hand clasps the beautiful seven-headed mace. See its vile and vicious form, and know that merely wielding this merciless rod strikes down the enemy. Goddess, since your mother’s womb, you have wielded this barbarous weapon. Gods, save us.

O lady who is the shooting light of dawn. O Goddess of Venus, guide the day’s break.

She desires protection from no one, but leads the formation from the front, making greater gains than any other. Why are you here? But the greatness of her heart is kept not only in war. By her occasional whims are we blessed with floodwaters, removing harmful beasts, her fertile authority bringing good tides and much life to our cities.

Whatever her faults and aspects, she brings joy to the world of man in the end. Blessed be our Goddess, her name is Inanna.

Although legends tell of the Goddess Inanna wielding another weapon of equal destruction…’

“Wait, this song is supposed to be glorifying me, right?! So why can I see all these honest opinions in between the lines?!”