Japanese Name: スケァクロウ
Class(es): Castericon Assassinicon Attribute: Sky
Rank : Bronze Gender : Unknown
Traits:  ???
Area(s) : Halloween Event
Drops :  ???

Scarecrows are a Caster and Assassin-class ghost enemy found in Halloween 2015 Event quests.


Scarecrows warp in for their normal melee attack, shooting a magical projectile for critical hits. They can also use the skill Present (プレゼンド), which charges NP for any one enemy by 1 tick. Scarecrows can act up to 2 times per round.

It takes 5 ticks to fill up a Scarecrow's Noble Phantasm. Its Noble Phantasm Surprise (サプライズ) does substantial damage to one Servant and has a chance to stun it.