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Event Duration : December 22, 2016 19:00 ~ December 30, 2016 3:59 JST
Chapter Release Date : 22 December 2016 ~ approximately 19:00 JST
Features the release of the Final Order - Salomon.

  • The Final Order is unlocked by clearing Babylonia.
  • Any player who cleared Babylonia's Main Quest before the chapter release date will gain 30 Saint Quartz.
  • Bond Levels of your Servant that you will give stat bonus for any Servants you fielded in this chapter, starting from BOND LEVEL 5. Bond level increases bonus damage starting from +20% to +100% at Bond Level 10. Mashu Kyrielight is considered Bond Level 10 for this order.
  • It is advisable to strengthen Mashu Kyrielight for the final battle.
  • The Final Order will feature a Raid-Style battle that is similar to Onigashima Event and Rashoumon Event.
  • The Final Order will have Demon Pillars as your main bosses; you'll have a raid battle for each one of them.
  • After defeating a pillar, another one will appear, 6 in total.
  • The final boss will be Solomon.
  • More Info Will Be Explained Here.

Merlin Summoning CampaignEdit

IMG 0681


  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Castericon - Merlin (Limited-Time)

Banner 101093436

From December 22, 2016 19:00 JST ~ December 30 3:59 JST

30 Saint Quartz Giveaway!Edit

Duration: December 22, 2016 19:00 JST~December 30, 2016 3:59 JST

  • 30 quartz will be given to those who clear Babylonia before 22 December 2016 13:59JST
  • Gifts will only be received once.

Main Quest 1/2 AP CampaignEdit

Duration: December 17, 2016 17:00 JST ~ December 22, 2016 13:59 JST

Golden Apple Giveaway!Edit

Duration: December 7, 2016 4:00 JST to December 22, 2016 3:59 JST

  • Everyone will receive two Golden Apples as a login bonus everyday during the time period given.
  • When all are received, you can get up to 30 pieces

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