Saint Quartz is Fate/Grand Order's premium resource.

Saint Quartz is most commonly used to summon Servants and Craft Essences. It costs 3 SQ per pull or 30 SQ for 10 pulls. Summoning with Saint Quartz will always result in a 3★ or higher rarity card.

Aside from summoning, a single Saint Quartz has the following uses:

  • Gain 100% of your maximum AP. This will temporarily allow you to have more current AP than your maximum AP.
  • If defeated in battle with 2 or fewer Command Spells available, revive your party to full health with 100% NP.

Saint Quartz can be acquired in many ways, such as:

On rare occasions, there is a use specifically for "purchased" Saint Quartz. Only a portion of quartz purchased with real money can be used in these cases. When prompted to spend quartz in-game, non-purchased quartz will always be consumed first.