Bryn2 This Craft Essence is a limited Craft Essence. It was only available during special summoning campaigns. No plans have been revealed to add this Craft Essence to the permanent summoning pool.

Event Bonus

Event Non Limited Break Limited Break
Ibaraki Douji Event Demon-Gourd Drop +1 Demon-Gourd Drop +2
Rashomon Event Rerun


Normal Effect
Grants Defence Debuff Immunity for 1 time.
Max Limit Break Effect
Grants Defence Debuff Immunity for 2 times.



弁慶は巻物を一巻き取り出すと、 それを勧進帳と称して高らかに読み上げた。

朗々たる詠み声が安宅の関に響き、 男は不動の見得を切る。

Of course, he had no Subscription List...

Benkei took out a scroll, called it a Subscription List, and started reciting it.

The man stood with unwavering resolve as his voice echoed throughout Ataka Gate.

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