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QP Item

Quantum Piece (QP / クォンタムピース) is a basic currency that is used for a variety of game functions, including leveling Servants and Craft Essences, reinforcing Skills, upgrading Noble Phantasms, and Ascending Servants. They are earned by completing Quests, burning excess cards, or as a common chest drop from most enemies in the game.

The Chaldea quest Into the Treasure Vault, which appears on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, awards significant amounts of QP. Most events also have a way to obtain large quantities of QP, as part of the event activities and/or as an exchange for event items.


  • On August 31, 2015, the following changes were made to QP droprates:
    • QP drops from Main/Free Quest monsters increased by 10x
    • QP from clearing Main/Free Quests increased by 10x
    • QP drops from Daily Quest monsters increased by 5x
    • Large QP chest drop rate increased by 2x.

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