Japanese Name: 海賊
Class(es): SabericonArchericonBerserkericon Attribute: Man
Rank : Bronze Gender : Male
Traits: Human, Humanoid, Male
Area(s) : Okeanos
Death Rate :  ??%
Critical Chance :  ??%
Actions/Turn :  ?
Drops : Heros proof Shiningsaber Shiningarcher Shiningberserker

Pirate are standard humanoid enemies in Okeanos. They are numerous and have very low HP. There are some special variations of pirates, such as Pirate Head, Chief Navigator, and Helmsman.


Pirates have standard low-damage attacks based on their class. They can also use Recovery Medicine (回復薬), which restores a small amount of HP. Special pirate variants have more HP and may deal more damage and use different skills.

A Pirate requires 3 ticks to charge its Noble Phantasm.