The Options Menu (ゲームオプション) contains several settings that affect how the game runs.

  • Volume Sliders (ボリュームレベル)
    • BGM (Background Music) [1-10]
    • SE (Sound Effects) [1-10]
    • Voice (Actor's voice volume) [1-10]
  • Settings to reflect Support Servant's 4th Ascension (サポートサーバントの次の状態設定を反映)
    • [On/Off] -This setting allows players to see their support servants Final Ascension artwork if they have already unlocked it.
  • Random Servant Display in the My Room Setting (サーヴァントのマイルームランダム表示設定)
    • [On/Off] -When turned on, the system will select a random servant to appear when the player enters the My Room options.
  • Push Notifications (プッシュ通知)
    • AP recovery time (AP回復時) [On/Off]
    • BP recovery time (BP回復時) [On/Off]

*BP is only effective during certain Raid events.

  • Data Download (一括ダウンロード)
    • This setting is used to download game data, in which players will be able to reduce Wi-fi communications and reduce loading times from the game so that for less data usage.
    • Because of the Large amount of game data, it is recommended that the download is taken while a Wi-fi connection is established.
    • Players also have the option to cancel the download operations anytime.

Revised on June 23, 2017