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Event Duration : December 7, 2016 00:00 ~ December 31 2016 23:59 JST

Fate/Grand Order ~First Order~ will be released on the 31st of December, 2016 22:00 JST and to commemorate this special, a CE quest will be released in the Chaldea Gate for the duration of this event.

FGO AR AppIcon F/GO Offline Event
Event Info
Craft Essences
FirstOrderCEPreview ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
First Order

ATK: 100/100
HP: 100/100

  • +50 Mystic Code EXP At Quest Completion
  • This CE comes with MAX Limit Break.
大晦日TVスペシャル記念概念礼装獲得クエスト Chaldealogo AP Cost Bond Points QP EXP
New Year's Eve TV Special Commemoration Craft Essence Quest 5 115 1400 (280 per AP) 550 (110 per AP)
Available NPCS CucastericonLvl 50, NP 4
Arrow 1 Enemies
Battle 1/3 Shadow Assassin
Lvl 6 Class-Assassin-Bronze 3,343 HP
Shadow Rider
Lvl 3 Class-Rider-Silver 2,104 HP
Shadow Lancer
Lvl 3 Class-Lancer-Bronze 1,981 HP
Battle 2/3 Shadow Archer
Lvl 16 Archericon 4,737 HP
Shadow Berserker
Lvl 4 Berserkericon 3,158 HP
Fatal Battle 3/3 Saber Alter
Lvl 16 Sabericon 8,636 HP
Notable Drops Saber piece Archer piece Lancer piece Rider piece Caster piece Assassin piece Berserker piece
Completion Reward First Order
長編テレビアニメスペシャル『Fate Grand Order -First Order-』PV01:21

長編テレビアニメスペシャル『Fate Grand Order -First Order-』PV

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