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魔術礼装クエスト ・ アニバーサリー・ブロンド Chaldealogo AP Cost Bond Points QP EXP
Mystic Code Quest - Anniversary Blonde 5 500 500 (100 per AP) 500 (100 per AP)
Battle 1/5 Shadow EMIYA
Lvl 2 Archericon 2963 HP
Shadow Cu Chulainn
Lvl 2 Lancericon 3038 HP
Battle 2/5 Shadow Medea
Lvl 3 Castericon 3166 HP
Shadow Sasaki Kojirou
Lvl 5 Assassinicon 3885 HP
Shadow Cursed Arm Hassan
Lvl 5 Assassinicon 3259 HP
Battle 3/5 Shadow Gilgamesh
Lvl 3 Archericon 3235 HP
Shadow Heracles
Lvl 3 Berserkericon 3980 HP
Battle 4/5 Shadow Artoria Pendragon (Alter)
Lvl 4 Sabericon 5162 HP
Shadow Medusa
Lvl 4 Ridericon 5384 HP
Fatal Battle 5/5 Shadow Artoria Pendragon
Lvl 5 Sabericon 8370 HP
Notable Drops Voids refuse Saber piece Archer piece Lancer piece Rider piece Caster piece Assassin piece Berserker piece
Completion Reward Anniversary Blonde

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