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Japanese Icon Obtained by
隕蹄鉄 Meteoric horseshoe Centaur (Okeanos)
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Free Quests: Okeanos - Caldera Island [4] [17 AP]
Vast Land Of Nothingness [8] [22]

Thursday Daily Quests (Cavalry Training Field) [0-2+] [20AP]
Thursday Daily Quests (Cavalry Training Field) [0-2+] [30AP]

Alexandericon38 Santaaltericon36 Asteriosicon6 Astolfoicon42 Attilaicon15 Billyicon38 Boudicaicon11 Dariusicon56 Fergusicon56 Caesaricon48 Hansicon42 Hectoricon38 Alterlancericon42 Arturia lancer icon72 Iskandaricon53 Lanceloticon60 Lubuicon38 Marieicon12 Medbicon15 Medusaicon11 Georgeicon42 Kintokiridericon60 Ushiwaicon40 Xuanzangicon72

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