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Master Mission System
Master Missions can be accessed through a "checklist" icon next to the Gift Box icon. Similar to the mechanics of the Missions System in Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event, Fate/Accel Zero Order Event and Ibaraki Douji Event in the past, the Master Missions System allows you to take on a few tasks to be completed for a "handsome" reward.(2 Saintquartz doesn't really move the needle.)

The only difference in this system is that it is not event-limited. It behaves as a Weekly Task System, where you have a certain time-limit to complete a few tasks before it resets on the next week. The tasks range from completing certain Daily Quests (eg: Ember Gathering or Training Field) to killing a certain type of enemy a few times (eg: Automata).

Some Missions requires the player to defeat a certain servant with a certain Alignment or Trait. Visit the Alignments page or Trait page for help.

Master Missions

20/02 ~ 26/02, 2017

No. Mission Reward
1. Clear all 6 other missions. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
2. Defeat 15 Servants. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
3. Defeat 3 Saber Class Servants. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
4. Defeat 3 Archer Class Servants. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
5. Defeat 3 Rider Class Servants. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
6. Defeat 3 Assassin Class Servants. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
7. Defeat 3 Berserker Class Servants. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2


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