Master Mission System
Master Missions can be accessed through a "checklist" icon next to the Gift Box icon. Similar to the mechanics of the Missions System in Kara no Kyoukai Collaboration Event, Fate/Accel Zero Order Event and Ibaraki Douji Event in the past, the Master Missions System allows you to take on a few tasks to be completed for a "handsome" reward.(2 Saintquartz doesn't really move the needle.)

The only difference in this system is that it is not event-limited. It behaves as a Weekly Task System, where you have a specific time-limit to complete a few tasks before it resets on the next week. The missions range from completing certain Daily Quests (eg: Ember Gathering or Training Field) to killing a certain type of enemy a few times (eg: Automata).

Some Missions requires the player to defeat a certain servant with a certain Alignment or Trait. Visit the Alignments page or Trait page for help.

With the update of Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2017 ~2nd Anniversary~, New Section (Extra Missions) is added in Master Missions Screen. These Missions are not added weekly but currently tied-in with Clearing Singularities from the First Arc.


Weekly Missions

10/16 ~ 10/22

No. Mission Reward
1. Complete all other missions. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
2. Defeat 15 Beast enemies. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
3. Defeat 15 Humanoid enemies. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
4. Defeat 15 Magical enemies. Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
5. Obtain 3 Shining Gem, Magic Gem or Secret Gem of Saber, Caster or Berserker class from quests.

Shiningsaber Magicsaber Secretsaber Shiningcaster Magiccaster Secretcaster Shiningberserker Magicberserker Secretberserker

Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
6. Obtain 3 Shining Gem, Magic Gem or Secret Gem of Archer or Assassin class from quests.
Shiningarcher Magicarcher Secretarcher Shiningassassin Magicassassin Secretassassin
Saint Quartz Fragmentx2
7. Obtain 3 Shining Gem, Magic Gem or Secret Gem of Lancer or Rider class from quests.

Shininglancer Magiclancer Secretlancer Shiningrider Magicrider Secretrider

Saint Quartz Fragmentx2

October 16 - October 22, 2017 (UTC)

No. Mission Reward
1. Defeat 3 『Dragon』 Servants Saint Quartz Fragment2
2. Defeat 5 『Evil』 Servants Saint Quartz Fragment2
3. Defeat 5 『Good』 Servants Saint Quartz Fragment2
4. Defeat 10 『Wild Beast』 enemies Saint Quartz Fragment2
5. Defeat 15 『Humanoid』 enemies Saint Quartz Fragment2
6. Defeat 15 『Male』 enemies Saint Quartz Fragment2
7. Complete all of this week's Master Missions Saint Quartz Fragment2

Extra Missions
No. Mission Reward
1. Clear The First Singularity - Orleans Saintquartz10
2. Clear The Second Singularity - Septem Saintquartz10
3. Clear The Third Singularity - Okeanos Saintquartz10
4. Clear The Fourth Singularity - London Saintquartz10
5. Clear The Fifth Singularity - E Pluribus Unum Saintquartz10
6. Clear The Sixth Singularity - Camelot Saintquartz10
7. Clear The Seventh Singularity - Babylonia Saintquartz10
8. Clear The Final Singularity - Salomon Saintquartz10
9. Clear Singularity F - Fuyuki. Saintquartz10
10. Clear Chapter 3 : Examine the Big Bridge of Singularity F - Fuyuki Saintquartz2