Bryn2 This is an event Craft Essence. It can only be obtained by participating in a time-limited event. This Craft Essence cannot be summoned.
Available in the event shop during Valentine 2016 Event Re-Run for 150 Castercoin if the player owns Irisviel (Dress of Heaven).

This Craft Essence comes at level 80. This card provides 30,000 Craft Essence experience.

Effect Edit

Increase Castercoin drop amount by 2.

Lore Edit



ああ、砂糖菓子のお人形? これはね…… イリヤとキリツグに似せて作ってみたの。 いいえ、カルデアにいるイリヤではなくて─── 込み入った話になってしまうから、また今度ね。

Do you like chocolate Cake?

This, you see, it's called sachertorte.

Oh, what about the sugar dolls, you ask? These, you see, I tried making them in the shape of Illya and Kiritsugu. No, not the Illya you see around Chaldea... it's a bit complicated, so maybe we should save that story for another time.