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Mad Dragon is a mid-boss dragon-type enemy in Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure. Unlike its non-event version, Fafnir, Mad Dragon is an Assassin-class.


Mad Dragon's normal attack is a stomp that deals damage to all your Servants. A critital hit is fireballs raining from the sky. He also uses the skill Dragon Spirit (竜気), which increases NP damage.

Mad Dragon can use its NP gauge after 3 ticks, which is Dragonflame (竜炎). This attack deals massive damage to all Servants and inflicts both Attack Down and Burn.


  • Charge all of your servants NP on first wave.
  • Three servants with single-target NP, or Jeanne with rest of party full of Arts, or Caster teams.
  • If you want to bring Riders, put them in your back row.


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