Bryn2 This is an event Craft Essence. It can only be obtained by participating in a time-limited event. This Craft Essence cannot be summoned.

This Craft Essence can be obtained during the Main Story Arc 2 Prologue Release Campaign.


Normal Effect
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Master EXP gained by 50.




それはカルデアの一番奥、 月光が照らす夢と現の境界線。

カルデアの召喚システムが生み出した、 数少ない愉快な恩恵。

The Lost Room.

A place where you can see what was lost, or maybe what will be lost to you in time.

Existing in the innermost part of Chaldea, it is the boundary line between dream and reality where the light of the moon shines through.

Produced by the Chaldea Summoning System, the room holds a small number of worthwhile benefits to enjoy.

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