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Avenger Event

Duration: March 16, 2016 16:00 - March 23, 2016 13:59 (JST)
Requires: Clear Main Quest: London.
Event Title : Cries of The Vengeful Demon in the Prison Tower.

[ Main Quest ]

  • This event features higher difficulty quests, aimed at advanced players.
  • Introduces the existence of Avengericon Avenger class along with the servant :
  • 1 New Quest for the event will appear each day.
    • Total of 6 Summon ticket and 1 Crystallized lore can be obtained as reward.
Quest Appearance Date Quest Reward
March 16 to March 21 1x Summon ticket per Day
March 22 Crystallized lore

Edmond Dantes - The Count of Monte Cristo Summoning Campaign Edit

Edmond Dantes Summoning Campaign

London 1/2 AP Consumption Event Edit

London AP Half and Higher difficulty Quest event

Duration: March 9, 2016 - March 23, 2016 (JST)
All Main Quests cost 1/2 AP! *This applies to Main Quests only. Interlude and Free Quest costs are unaffected.

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