This Craft Essence can be obtained by bringing Christopher Columbus's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.


When equipped on Christopher Columbus,
Increases party's Buster performance by 10% and NP Gain Rate by 10% while he is on the field.



「なんとか揃って海を渡れたはいいが、エスパニョーラって名付けた島の沖でケツのデカいマリア様が座礁しちまってよ。しかもそんとき、ピンタ号は船長のピンソンが勝手に船を動かしてどっか行っちまいやがってた。 抜け駆けして金鉱を探したかったのか何なのか知らねぇがな」


「あん、いい船と悪い船の見分け方?」 「外見も大きさも、どんだけ金がかかってるのかも関係ねぇ。ただ、無事に目的地に辿り着けるのが最高の船、そうじゃねぇのがゴミ船だ。決まってんだろ?」

On August 3rd, 1492, he departed from Palos with his flagship the Santa Maria, the Pinta, and the Nina.

"Although we managed to cross the sea somehow, Maria-sama's fat butt was stranded off the coast of the island named Hispaniola. And at that time, Pinzon, captain of the Pinta, sailed off somewhere without permission. I don't know if he ran off to search for gold mines or what."

"So, without a choice, I have been sailing on the Nina since then. Even on my journey back to Spain. In other words, well, I've been riding her for half of my first voyage..."

"Ah, how to differentiate between a good ship and a bad ship?"

"It's nothing to do with its size, or how much gold it can carry. It's just that, a ship that can carry you to your destination safely is the best of ships, and a ship that can't is just trash. Isn't that obvious?"


  • La Niña was one of the three ships used by Christopher Columbus during his first voyage. The other two were Santa Maria, his Noble Phantasm, and La Pinta.
    • The owner of this ship was Juan Niño.
  • La Niña is Spanish for "little girl".