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Effect Edit

Normal Effect
Increases unit's critical attack damage by 40%
Reduces unit's defense by 20% (Demerit)
4th Limit Break Effect
Increases unit's critical attack damage by 50%
Reduces unit's defense by 20% (Demerit)

Lore Edit

Men age, and their convictions age with them.

The old knight proclaims - that no choice made is a mistake. That if he has ever been mistaken, it was in averting his eyes in fear from the choice before him.

"I beseech you, when I die, lay my body to rest beneath a yew tree."


老騎士は語る。あらゆる選択に過ちはない。 過ちがあるとすれば、それは己が選択を悔い、 目を背ける事なのだと。


Cards with Similar Effects Edit

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