King of Gods - Amon-Ra

Japanese Name: 大神アモン・ラー
Class(es): Class-Unknown-Gold Ridericon Attribute: Sky
Rank : Gold Gender : None
Traits:  ???
Area(s) : Camelot
Drops :  ???

King of Gods - Amon-Ra is the penultimate boss of the Camelot chapter in the Main Story.
Amon is the 6th Pillar in Salomon


Skills Edit

Skill Name Skill Effect
Observant Eye Reduce an enemy's NP gauge
Celestial Eye Increase own NP charge by 1
Forthcoming Regeneration Recover 100,000 HP & increase own NP charge by 1
Incineration Ceremony : Amon (NP) Damage to all enemies & reduce NP gauge by 20%