Japanese Name: 風越丸
Class(es): Castericon Attribute: Earth
Rank : Gold Gender : Male
Traits: Male, Demonic
Area(s) : Onigashima Event, Setsubun Event
Death Rate :  ??%
Critical Chance : 10%
Actions/Turn : 3
Drops : Medal of Great Knight Secretcaster Magiccaster Shiningcaster
GoldenSumoRockyArena HotSpringsOfMoon Coral of Dragon King Palace Damage-Points

Kazakoemaru is the first raid-boss enemy in Onigashima Event and Onigashima Event Re-Run.
He later reappear as a floor miniboss in Setsubun Event.


  • Quick Resistance : Receive 50% Damage from Quick Attacks.
  • ??? : Reduce debuff resistance to front members.