Effect Edit

Normal Effect
Unit starts battle with 80% of the NP gauge filled
Max Limit Break Effect
Unit starts battle with 100% of the NP gauge filled

Cards with Similar Effects Edit

Starting NP Leyicon Numbericon Kaleidoicon Princessicon Petiteicon Ryuudouicon Thumbnail-Peerless Puppeteer Thumbnail-Repeat Magic TeacherIcon Heavensfeel2icon Schoolchaldeaicon Empietaicon FinalDestinationIcon GoldenCarpFigure TheThreeGreatHeroes Jewel Sword Zelretch Silver GoldenSumoRockyArena Participation of the King icon Summer Time Mistress icon KnightsOfMarinesicon Miyuicon Princess of the White Rose icon 390 400 412 Sweet Crystal icon Fondant au Chocolat icon Castle of the sun icon SomedayinSummerCEIcon Hansincage Icon590 IconCE655 Icon660 Icon CE 0683 Icon CE 696 Icon CE 0704 DressForDemon

Craft Lore Edit


多くの可能性、多くの未来を守護するもの。 その在り方は万華鏡の如し。

The grand magister of magic.

He who defends countless futures, countless possibilities.
His life carries on like the flickering lights of a kaleidoscope.

Trivia Edit