Interlude update

Event Duration : July 5, 2017 18:00 ~ July 19, 2017 12:59 JST

  • All Interludes will cost 1/2 the usual amount of AP during this event.

On top of that, 8 Servants will be getting New Interlude.

Servant Interlude Reward
Astolfoicon Skill Upgrade

Evaporation of Sanity D -> Evaporation of Sanity D+

Arjunaicon Skill Upgrade

Clairvoyance C+ -> Clairvoyance (Bowman) B+

CuAltericon Saintquartz
Geronimoicon NP Upgrade

Tsago Degi Naleya (B to B+)

Jeannealtericon Saintquartz
Davidicon Saintquartz
Billyicon Saintquartz
Shuwenicon Saintquartz