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Japanese Icon Obtained by
無間の歯車 Infinity gear Automata / Helter Skelter / Killing Doll / Old Gear
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Old Street [7 Bronze][15AP]
Whitechapel [5 Bronze 1 Silver][15AP]
South of Houston Street [1 Bronze 1 Silver][16AP]
Regent Park [3 Bronze 1 Silver][16AP]
Black Hills [5 Bronze][17AP]
Denver [3 Bronze 2 Silver] [17AP]
Clerkenwell [2 Bronze 3 Silver 1 Gold][18AP]
Atlas Academy[6][20AP]
Killing Party [3][20AP]
Bleach Loader[5][21AP]
Rifling Hall[9][21AP]
Angraicon70 Bedivereicon11 Babbageicon38 Kuroicon36 Cucastericon56 Hassanicon29 Edmondicon10 Emiyaicon44 EmiyaAlterIcon44 Frankicon70 Caesaricon38 Hansicon8 Jackicon15 Karnaicon55 Lancelot Saber icon42 Davinciicon53 Marieicon70 Matahariicon22 Mashuicon15 Mephisicon48 Merlinicon53 Musashi icon15Neroicon70 Brideicon72 Teslaicon15 Okitaicon17 Paracelsusicon38 Romulusicon48 Ryougiassassinicon60 Georgeicon36 Sasakiicon6 Phantomicon8 Ushiwaicon48 Mozarticon22 Wavericon15 Edisonicon12Jeannealtericon10

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