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Independent action
Independent Action A+
Increases own critical attack damage by 11%.
Servants with this Skill
Gilicon Euryale Orionicon

Independent action
Independent Action A
Increases own critical attack damage by 10%.
Servants with this Skill
Robinicon Atalantaicon Davidicon Arjunaicon Kogilicon Billyicon ArtoriaArchericon Anne&MaryArchericon Ishtar icon Ryougiassassinicon Emiyaassassinicon Hassan of Serenity icon

Independent action
Independent Action B
Increases own critical attack damage by 8%.
Servants with this Skill
Emiyaicon Odaicon Teslaicon Tristanicon Toudaicon Kuroicon Astolfoicon Kinghassanicon

Independent action
Independent Action C
Increases own critical attack damage by 6%.
Servants with this Skill
Arash Medusaicon

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