Effect Edit

Normal Effect
All party members gain 1000 Max HP. (Stackable)
Max Limit Break Effect
All party members gain 1200 Max HP. (Stackable)

Lore Edit


天界が地上に遣わすもの。 こうして生まれ者は王聖を持つという。

天性の絶対者、 太陽の輝きを放つ純白の少年王。 その王聖は”完遂される理想”。

だが———その完遂の為に何か 棒げられるのかを彼はまだしらない。

Kings are not born in the human world,

but are sent from the heavens. Thus it was said that he was born a king.

With an absolute disposition, the pure, young king shines like the sun. That king is, "the embodiment of an ideal."

However———in the name of that ideal, the boy does not yet know if he can stand resolute.

Cards with Similar Effects Edit

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