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Japanese Icon Obtained by
ホムンクルスベビー Homunculus baby Homunculus / Proto Homunculus
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
City Of London [7 Bronze] [15AP]
South of Houston Street [1 Bronze 1 Gold] [16AP]
City of Westminster [3 Bronze 1 Gold] [16AP]
Borough of Southwark [4 Bronze 2 Gold] [19AP]

Tuesday Daily Quests (Spear Training Field) [0-2+] [10AP]
Tuesday Daily Quests (Spear Training Field) [0-2+] [20AP]

Angraicon36 Mashibouicon8 Enkiduicon72 Arash24 Davidicon40 Kuroicon36 Edwardicon36 Anneicon42 MordredRidericon60 Hassanicon42 Sansonicon42 Matahariicon24 Carmillaicon44 Jekyllicon56 Ryougiassassinicon60 Emiyaassassinicon60 ShinjukuAssassinIcon60 Gilles2icon40 Hansicon29 Shakespeareicon6 Mephisicon40 Rhymeicon60 Paracelsusicon11 Helenaicon12 Irisvielicon36 Illyaprismaicon72 Spartacusicon6 Ericicon29 Tamamoicon44 Frankicon45

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