Bryn2 This is an event Craft Essence. It can only be obtained by participating in a time-limited event. This Craft Essence cannot be summoned.

During Halloween 2016 Event, This card increases Beast-type, Homunculus-type and Knight-type Enemies appearance rate +25% (max limit break: 100%).


Normal Effect
Increases Buster Card Performance by +10%
Increase NP Damage by +20%
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Buster Card Performance by +15%
Increase NP Damage by +25%

Cards with Similar Effects Edit

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Lore Edit





The Mysterious beauty who suddenly appeared.

The captured castle of Čachtice.
The brittle piece much too easily shattered.

Taking up a sword in place of a mike, standing gallantly to her feet, so does the curtain rise on the grand adventure of Hero Elizabeth!

"Ah, but before that, I have to form a party!
Um, let's see, we have a vocalist, 0 years of hero experience. Looking for drum, guitar, bass, and professional composer class servants... alright, that's perfect!"