This Craft Essence can be bought during the 5M Downloads Campaign from Da Vinci's Workshop. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.

Effect Edit

Normal Effect
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Bond Points by 50 for every completed quest

かつて異界に消えた女王。 人を超克せし者。 人類存亡の危機を前に、紅蓮の伝説は蘇る。

Answering to the call of the Grand Order, a Servant is summoned.

A queen who disappeared into the land of shadows, the one who surpassed all humanity. But with the humanity's survival in jeopardy, legend of the crimson shall be revived once more.

Cards with Similar Effects Edit

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  • The art comes from Fate/Grand Order's promotional picture.
  • This Craft Essence is 4★ but has a cost of 5 instead of 9.