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Japanese Icon Obtained by
英雄の証 Heros proof French Soldier, Roman Soldier, Pirate, Celtic Soldier
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Riverton [5] [17 AP]

Lubbock [6] [18 AP]
Dallas [7] [17 AP] [Highest drop 2]
Alexandria [6] [18AP]
Alcatraz [6] [18 AP]
Kearney [6] [18 AP]
Montgomery [6] [18 AP]
Charlotte [5] [20 AP]
Washington [6] [20 AP]

Angraicon40 Alexandericon168 Arash55 Arjunaicon154 Sabericon2161 Lilyicon126 Asteriosicon55 Bedivereicon105 Beowulficon126 Brynicon44 Cuicon144 Cuprotoicon144 Davidicon144 Diarmuidicon144 Emiyaicon126 Emiyaassassinicon126 Fergusicon105 Caesaricon105 Gawainicon30 Gilcastericon126Gilicon126 Gillesicon105 Hectoricon110 Heraclesicon180 Iskandaricon152 Karnaicon216 Deon126 Mashuicon15 Musashi icon154 Heroinexicon36 Georgeicon80 Sakataicon154 Sasakiicon53 Siegicon36 Spartacusicon55 Ushiwaicon105 Kogilicon24 Vlad (Extra) icon108 Eliz Brave icon108 Edisonicon132

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