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Japanese Icon Obtained by
蛮神の心臓 Heart of a foreign god Demon, Greater Demon, Archdemon
Location [Possible Drops] [AP Cost]
Friday Daily Quests (Magic Training Field) [1] [30-40 AP]
Altericon28 Siegicon24 Attilaicon35 Gillesicon25 Fergusicon5 Mordredicon6 Ryougisabericon5 Ramaicon22 Musashi icon5 Emiyaicon6 Gilicon35 Euryale25 Orionicon21 Davidicon5 Odaicon24 Arjunaicon35 Kuroicon24 Scathachicon35 Alterlancericon28 Karnaicon35 Brynicon21 Arturia lancer icon30 TamamoLancericon30 Vlad (Extra) icon24 Enkiduicon5 Medusaicon21 Marieicon24 Drakeicon35 Santaaltericon24 Medeaicon5 Gilles2icon25 Mephisicon5 Mozarticon14 Wavericon33 Tamamocastericon6 Medealilyicon24 Edisonicon24 Nitocrisicon24 Merlinicon30 Sthenoicon22 Sansonicon3 Phantomicon18 Carmillaicon6 Jackicon33 Jekyllicon21 Emiyaassassinicon24 ShutenIcon5 Heraclesicon22 Sakataicon35 Tamamoicon28 CuAltericon6 Ibarakiicon4 Jeanneicon60 Amakusaicon60 Edmondicon10 Jeannealtericon55 Gorgonicon36

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